You will need
  • - pencils of different density;
  • - thick paper of good quality.
Start drawing a plaster socket with a contour of a rectangular plate, to do this, check the overall shape, the top, bottom and side boundaries. Also, determine the size of the plate with the perspective and tilt of an object in space. Note that the correctness of the definition plate will largely depend on the perspective and the proportions of the outlet.
Mark the line of symmetry, they will be the basic basis of the drawing. Then, depending on the shape of the sockets, build the main lines of the ornament, for example, draw a circle, the bounding plates. Enclose in it a regular polygon (the number of angles depends on the number of petals). Mark the points of all the main nodes of the elements. If the outlet is at an angle, place all pieces in proportion with the perspective.
Light translucent lines draw the basic lines of the design, large petals and leaves. Carefully draw even invisible line, as the slightest mistake will lead to disruption of the build progress of the relief ornament and distortion of the finished socket. Create the overall silhouette, with note that all the parts were proportional to each other.
drawing of main parts
To basting became more detailed and clear, a few strokes conventionally mark the main spots of shadows.
Gradually "to chop off" all the excess and add small details. Get maximum volume and specificity of all forms, but keep drawing too many "search" traces of a pencil.
adding small details
You can start making tonal decisions of the drawing. In any case, not cross-hatch everything, otherwise you'll ruin the impression of volume socket. "Sculpt" the form using the strokes laid in the direction of the surface. Note the correspondence of the degree of illumination on the figure of this outlet. Don't stay long on one part, try to work simultaneously over the whole composition to the total density of hatching was approximately the same across the entire image.
Finally work out all the details. Step away from drawing for some distance and try to see him and nature at a single glance. Avoid bright colors, try to correctly pass the colors in a black-and-white picture, it will establish communication between the tones that are matched to their lightness, and saturation.
final drawing