Recognized love charms

One of the stones that attract love is rose quartz. It is recommended to wear it as a pendant and left for the night beside the bed. Rose quartz will help heal the wounds of heart and chase away all sad thoughts. However, he will give her mistress of wisdom and mental strength that will help her to refrain from rash actions.

Another stone, influencing the field of romantic feeling, is of a very peculiar name – aventurine. It helps to reconcile heart and mind and, moreover, it protects its owner from energy vampires. Since the two stone combine favorable for heart cases pink and green, you can use them at the same time.

Those who dream about a hurricane of passion, just need a red garnet. He is traditionally considered the stone of lovers. However, the stone of passion, it is not recommended to wear teenagers and adults have already been married.

Perhaps the best love mascot could be the emerald. He just attracts love and brings happiness in the already established family unit. However, his owners should be very careful, because if one partner decides to commit adultery, stone immediately will give him, suddenly giving the crack. However, emerald may have a beneficial impact on man and help him to overcome the tendency to lies and infidelity. In addition, it helps to keep the family hearth, strengthens peace and harmony in the family and contributes to the continuation of the species.

Other stones, brings love

In addition to these recognized love talismans, there are other stones for attracting love. Of course, the acquisition of the diamond is very expensive, but it really will give its owner the feeling is mutual, especially if it is an innocent young girl. Unfortunately, if behind ladies already have a bad marriage, this stone is powerless.

Very beautiful and unusual stone is turquoise. It will suit those who are still in search of love, and those who have long gained it. In this case, the stone will help lovers to remain faithful and understanding.

A symbol of a long, happy and mutual love is clean and clear rhinestone. A married couple he will give you many years of great tenderness and attention to each other.

Sapphire can awaken absolutely incredible mutual passion. However, if the talisman took control of a girl or a boy, is not characterized by honesty, stone forever deprive them of rest, forcing him to fall in love with everyone. So use your stones-talismans to be very careful.