If the animal is injured, and trunk open wound and bleeding, first we have to stop her to put a clean cloth soaked with hydrogen peroxide, 10% calcium chloride or turpentine. Then the hair around the wound and trimming spread sharply smelling preparations: iodoform, creolin, Lysol, tar. This is done to repel insects. Means of first aid, the cow should always be present in your home medicine Cabinet.
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If the cow is badly bruised, you need to put a bottle with ice, trimming the hair on the entire area of injury, spread with creoline or Lysol. For faster absorption RUB iodine with vaseline or camphor oil with turpentine.
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When feeding cows nerazmennye vegetables, there is a blockage of the esophagus. A cow can't regurgitate food eaten. If food is stuck in the upper esophagus, it is necessary to cause regurgitation, to put into his mouth a bottle of oil, pull the tongue. In the case of ineffectiveness of the measures taken need to get stuck item hand. Vegetables can get stuck in the lower esophagus, then immediately call a veterinarian, he will clean the esophagus with a probe.
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Bloating of the rumen, if a cow ate too much or ate poor quality food, you need to make an intensive massage of the scar to the left and start to drive the cow, doing all this before the arrival of the specialist as without immediately of the measures taken, the animal will die after 2 hours. Veterinary doctor will make a puncture of the rumen.
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After calving in 12 hours, can occur postpartum paresis. Cow shaking, worried. You need to sdaivat milk in the nipple to blow air device Evers. Spread whole cow ammonia. Do not drink pet 12 hours. Then give water in small portions.
Common disease is mastitis. Happens for many reasons: inadequate care, cold floor, not frequent are milking-off of milk. In the presence of mastitis in milk cows, appear curdled flakes, and can even be blood. Treatment: milk every 2-3 hours, to massage the udder, smear the udder with ointment Ichthyol, camphor or iodine ointment. To further improve the contents of the animal and milking to produce quickly for 4-6 minutes otherwise mastitis will again.
At the hotel, if the placenta is not moved, you should immediately call the vet.
And yet there is a terrible disease leukemia. Before grazing the cows they take blood for the detection of infectious disease. If any cow immediately be mine.
If the cow was not covered and remains Yalova, then she has a disease of the ovaries. Treatment the vet prescribes.
FROM contagious diseases: anthrax, foot and mouth disease, brucellosis, tuberculosis need to put the cow vaccinations.
When the content of cows in dry, clean conditions and with proper care and proper milking your cow will always be healthy, will delight the timely calving and good milk production.