The main drawback of ice cream - it is not like a bar of chocolate stretch for a whole month. You cannot break off a piece (like a cake) and share with a friend. And, unfortunately, even the most ordinary small waffle Cup contains enough fat to forget about it for the duration of the diet.

Classic ice cream without fillers contains from 12 to 20 g of fat per 100 g. of Course, the standard provides and low-fat option, but find it almost impossible. The consumer demands "the ice cream from his childhood, and the manufacturer tries to satisfy his desire. Meanwhile, the formulation of the classical version requires that the absent chemical additives and attended butter. Of course, the fat in butter can be replaced, for example, fats from coconut or palm oils, but then suffer color and, most importantly, taste! And, as you remember, different chemical flavor enhancers and flavorings banned...

If you meet at the counter of the ice cream low fat, the product produced according to specifications. Here in the present and vegetable fat analogues, and the taste and color additives. With this ice cream you send in your body with TRANS fats that nutritionists all over the world accuse the problem of excess weight and diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Coconut and palm oil natural, but contain saturated fatty acids. Of course, they are rich and butter, but the present in this rich acid has a beneficial effect on the body, especially the hormonal system. So maybe it is worth to give preference to full-fat ice cream: try to eat half a Cup, and send the rest in the freezer until next time. Or to put it in a ramekin small ball, but decorate it with plenty of fresh fruits and berries!

But frozen dessert is not necessarily the ice cream! There is still a sherbet and fruit ice...

The fat content of sherbet is very small - about 2 g of fat per 100 g of food. Therefore, the calorie content per serving - about 150-180 calories. This ice cream also has a light airy texture, so even a small by weight portion looks pretty big.

But from the fruit of ice losing weight is better to abstain, despite the fact that it contains no fat! At its core, this ice cream is a frozen analogy of soda water and sugar. And soda as a source of carbohydrates, instantly raising blood sugar levels, prevents any diet.

What about the ice cream diet?

Usually, this ice cream contains very little fat as it is made on the basis of yogurt. Good frozen yogurt does not contain artificial additives with index "E", but the composition certainly will be present vegetable fat, which is not very useful for you. However, if you decided to treat yourself, it is better to stop your choice on it.

Also not to mention ice cream with sugar substitutes. The most common sweeteners are sorbitol and aspartame, at least - fructose. This dessert also can rarely afford, but it should be remembered that a large number of these ahsamov can cause indigestion. The norm for the individual, but the average is about 20 g, at the burden as 100 grams of ice cream contains 13.