Usually a trip to the psychiatrist is required to obtain a trivial reference which require on the job or in obtaining a driving license, but most often to the specialist treating a specific psychological problem. Symptoms that may be the reason for his visit, are chronic headaches, prolonged fatigue, apathy, lack of vitality, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, itching, and other unusual phenomena that are not associated with any medical diseases.
You should also think about visiting a psychiatrist, before a quiet man has become unbalanced, impatient, irritable, but he blames the others for the same behavior. A worrying sign is the drastic drop in employability in which the quality of work drops sharply when max takes to her efforts. Interview with a psychiatrist will be a specialist kind of "litmus test" - usually these doctors determine the presence of problems a person has in his agitated and aggressive manner of speaking.
First, the psychiatrist begins the interview with questioning the patient about his background, social life, relationships with family and friends. Then they go to the presence of any abnormalities, asking about whether the patient hears voices, suffers from paranoia, does obsessions and the feeling that he is being persecuted? A must-have item of the conversation is the question of whether the patient has suicidal thoughts – this should answer as honestly as possible, so that the psychiatrist could be the clinical picture of the problem.
To clarify better the situation psychiatrists usually ask provocative questions while observing emotions, reactions and facial expressions of the patient and also trying to provoke him into any action. To do this, they often ask "what bird is different from an airplane?", "do you step over cracks in the sidewalk?" or "what is the light different from the sun?" and so on. Such questions are asked to identify schizophrenia, obsessive anxiety, and impaired cognitive processes and thinking. In addition, when the patient answers the psychiatrist can represent dullness to bring him out and expose the lies.