The portal "the 100 most beautiful cities of the world" reveals the most beautiful cities in the world with the "audience choice" award. Everyone leaves his vote for some place on a scale. Thus, the rating is calculated not only on the number of voters, and the height evaluation.
The first place among the 10 most beautiful cities in Europe is Barcelona. Capital of Spanish Catalonia is a major port of the country. Located on the Mediterranean sea, the city has a strong personality. Here there are monuments of different eras and styles that makes this place very picturesque and attractive for tourists. Barcelona has not left indifferent many artists. Especially long lived here and worked for Salvador Dali, Picasso, Gaudi.
The following beauty of a European city is Prague. The Czech capital has long attracted romantic and lyrical nature. Numerous turrets, narrow streets, the glow of gas street lamps create an extremely soft, pleasant atmosphere and the feeling of being in the middle Ages. One of the unique features of Prague – the ability to be beautiful, attractive and interesting city at any time of the year.
The third most beautiful city in Europe, according to travelers, is Paris. This place is surrounded by many legends, often found in literature, cinema, visual arts. In Paris everyone will find something for itself: historic sites, monuments and religion, chic shops, unique cuisine, romantic dining, etc. the Capital of France is a great place for solitude and creativity, and for entertainment.
A little behind from Paris the capital of Austria – Vienna. At the same time strict and uninhibited, historical and contemporary, the city has luxurious decoration and delicate charm. Vienna is the music capital of the world: it is here worked by the legendary Schubert, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and other composers. The Viennese ball is still important and exciting event in the world culture.
In the middle of the list were the Italian city of Florence. The city of fashion and unique historical monuments was founded by Julius Caesar. The flowering of Florence was in the reign of the Medici dynasty. At this time the capital of Tuscany has become a cultural and commercial center of the region. High status the city holds so far.
Sixth place in the top ten most beautiful cities in Europe is London. The British capital attracts tourists with a chic night life, trendy shops and interesting monuments.
Seventh on the list of beautiful European cities was Amsterdam. In a relaxed and very tolerant, the capital of the Netherlands feel almost all the tourists. The unique houses, many canals, flower fields and red light are gorgeous and interesting photos.
If the water in Amsterdam will seem a little, welcome to the eighth most beautiful city in Europe – Venice. The only transport here is water: boats, vaporettos, gondolas, river taxi. The narrow streets can only be explored on foot. This allows you to carefully inspect the main attractions are the Cathedral of San Marco, the Doge's Palace, shopping the Rialto bridge and St. every year, the town hosts the legendary two world events: the Venice carnival and festival.
In the second half of the 19th century on the banks of the Danube emerged the ninth is a beautiful city – Budapest. The capital of Hungary is famous for both cultural and natural attractions. Particularly attractive for tourists, thermal baths and Margaret island.
Closes the top ten most beautiful cities in Europe, another representative of Italy – Rome. The capital of the country is very romantic, has a long history and many interesting places. Characters have a lot of Rome, especially the famous Colosseum, Vatican, Spanish steps, Trevi fountain, Pantheon.