Organic and mineral fertilizer should be alternated, cucumbers it is best perceive liquid feeding. However, they need to make cautiously and gradually, large doses may harm the plants.

At different stages of development of the cucumbers need fertilizers vary, the first two weeks they need to get enough nitrogen in the flowering stage increases the need for phosphorus. At the stage of fruiting is recommended to make the nitrogen-potassium fertilizing need them most cucumbers growing in the greenhouse, when they lack sunlight.

The fertilizer shortage and its symptoms

Cucumber symptoms of lack of nutrients is manifested very clearly. Magnesium deficiency makes the leaves brittle, and they seem to be annealed. The leaves become pale green or yellow color, an intense green only the veins remain.

Lack of potassium causes a modification of the fruit, varieties, which are characterized by elongated shape, they grow round, gradually tapering at the stalk. The leaves become darker, their shape becomes domed.

With a lack of nitrogen the plant stems become thinner, the lower leaves droop and turn yellow, and the top with a pale green color. Cucumbers poorly developed, produced little fruit, they do not gain weight. When cucumbers do not have enough phosphorus, they cease to grow, the ovary and the flowers fall, but the leaves are small with a bluish tinge.

Fertilizers and methods for their use

Recommended to water and fertilize the cucumbers in the morning or evening, this will help to avoid powdery mildew, bacterial blight and various fungal diseases typical for a damp environment. Begin fertilizing since growing seedlings, they spend every 7-10 days in small doses.

Wood ash is a great natural fertilizer, it protects cucumbers from common diseases, the potassium contained in it, necessary for the plants. The ash solution is poured at the roots or spray them with a plant, you can also perform dusting, dry sifted ashes. To prepare the ash solution (1 Cup of ash is dissolved in 10 liters of water, and then insist during the day.

During heavy fruiting in mineral fertiliser for cucumbers should be more potassium. To a solution of azofoski 10 liter add 1 Cup of resin and 20 g of potassium sulphate. In the first half of the growing season cucumbers need more potassium than nitrogen. In organic fertilizers based on manure in the ratio of nitrogen and potassium are roughly equal, so it is necessary to add ashes, or other fertilizers containing potassium.