You will need
  • - 40 shell clams;
  • - 3 cloves of garlic;
  • - chili;
  • - 15 PCs of tomatoes;
  • - parsley;
  • - olive oil.
Large garlic cloves should be cleaned and cut lengthwise. Chili pepper also grind, removing from it all seeds. The cherry tomatoes cut in half. By the way, they completely replace the regular tomatoes, only then they should be blanched and chop medium dice.
In a thick-walled large frying pan, heat a little olive oil. In a well-heated oil to send half a clove of garlic and pepper. Podrumyanit slightly and add the tomatoes. Wait until they won't let enough juice.
At this time, rinse the shells. Once the pan was filled with tomato juice, push the clams and simmer for 2 minutes. It is very important not to overdo the clams on the fire! Carefully stir podrachivaya the pan during cooking. The sink should be disclosed.
Remove pan from heat, pull out the unopened shell.
Chopped parsley, to send to the pan and return all to the fire. Add a little boiling water, bring to boil and remove from the burner, and now finally! Immediately serve.