The best option is to make the garden path in the country with their hands out of concrete. They are durable, relatively cheap, and broad opportunities in their decorating, the ease of manufacture.
To make concrete tracks in the country, primarily to mark their location. The path needs to go around the house, connecting all the buildings on the site. For marking you can use the string and pegs. It's better if you install the sticks, pulling the rope, just using the level.
Remove the bayonet shovel the top layer of sod with the future paths of concrete, clean the surface from the roots of perennial grasses. If necessary, use special tools that destroy the weeds type of Hurricane, Tornado, Roundup. If the turf is removed with a shovel with difficulty owing to the density of vegetation and debris, use a pick.
Flatten the soil at the planned level with a shovel and rake.
From long boards make formwork for garden paths with his hands. It's not necessary to use new materials, you can take something lying around among the remnants of building materials.
Between the boards place a layer of roofing material. It will protect the concrete tracks in the country from erosion and grass.
The roofing put on a metal grid with cells of width not exceeding 12 cm with reinforcement concrete screed garden paths will be more strong.
To make the garden path in the country with your own hands, you will need a large amount of concrete solution. For its production to one bucket of cement you need to add two buckets of river sand. Screed concrete will be stronger if you add a bucket of small gravel. Mix the dry ingredients in a large metal basin or trough unnecessary, there gradually add water, stirring constantly, to a smooth consistency resembling thick cream. Leave the prepared solution for track for 10-15 minutes and then mix it again, if necessary, add water or cement.
Apply ready mortar with a trowel on place of the future concrete tracks in the country. Carefully leveled the ground, focusing on the established levels. Note that the resulting layer is your future garden path.
Make tracks in the country with their hands out of the concrete is original and beautiful, you can use a special form. They can be purchased in any hardware store. It is better to have multiple forms for concrete so that the work progressed at a rapid pace.
When the solution is on the tracks a bit grabbed (this usually takes two to three hours), you can start decorating the garden path stones, mosaic tiles or colored glass. To make garden paths at the cottage of concrete with their hands colored at the stage of kneading solution, you can add a special color.
To track concrete was more durable, it is advisable to choose cool weather for their installation. If during drying the weather is hot and dry, the mortar should be wet about three days after pouring.
After three days you can remove the formwork with the new paths. So simply to make tracks in the country with his own hands.