You will need
  • - 2 cups of flour;
  • 1 Cup fine salt;
  • - 250 ml of cold water;
  • - 2 tbsp vegetable oil;
  • - 1-2 tbsp of glue for Wallpaper.
Knead the dough from flour, salt and water. The water in the mixing process, gently add in the bowl with the dough. Also add the Wallpaper paste and vegetable oil. The criterion for readiness of the test is its good plasticity and lack of stickiness. If the dough sticks to hands, add more flour.
Divide the dough into several pieces, each color in the colors that you will need to create different colors: red, pink, yellow, blue, green, etc. To do this, add food coloring (or gouache) to the dough and stir it until a homogeneous color. Too bright to make the dough should not be, because dye disturbs the structure of the mixture.
Proceed to the moulding of flowers. Different types imply different shapes of the petals, but the basis of almost all of them is a round flapjack desired size, made of marble. To make just a lot of pieces for the petals of the same color, roll out the dough long sausage and a special tool for sculpting (the stack) cut into small pieces. Of them make balls and flatten them between your fingers.
The resulting pellet can be spread in the form of a simple flower, not giving them a special shape. Around the pellet center and stick a few round petals, wetting with water the joints and gently pressing.
To produce flowers of another species, give lepeshechki of the test is more typical, elongated shape of a petal. For this zasypnica two fingers on the workpiece with one hand. You can do it from both sides, so that the petals turned out pointed. Glue the petals to the core or to each other, wetting them with a wet brush at the points of fastening.
Roses make round petals of different sizes. The first workpiece pull in stripes and roll in roll or funnel, and wrap it around the rest of the petals moving them relative to each other on the basis of the rose Bud or blooming roses.
The second variant of the roses. Put the round petals of different diameters on top of one another from largest to smallest, by displacing it horizontally by about half. Cut this design in half lengthwise. Starting with the smallest petal, roll it in a funnel.
Smaller flowers can be made from solid lepeshechki. Make the edges of the cut on the number of petals and with a toothpick pierce a flower at the center.
Fluffy greenery for flowers, you can make passed through chesnokodavilku test. The leaves are molded by analogy with the manufacture of the petals, the stems were rolled out into thin tubes of dough.
After connection of all elements in one composition crafts dry. Best few days to keep it in a dry place at room temperature. But if there is no time to wait, then dry in the oven, heated to 80 degrees. The product is dried paint to protect it from moisture and other adverse external influences.