Voluminous French braid for fine hair

To braid thin hair look voluminous, you should weave it freely. Comb the hair and highlight one major strand of the forehead. Then divide it into three equal parts. Cross the right strand over middle and then left and right. After re-cross the right strand over the middle, while holding the hair with his left hand. Right hand select a small section at the edge of the hair and paste it to the right strand. Do the same with the left strand. Thus duplicite pigtail to the bottom of the hair. This kind of weaving is a French braid.

To create the volume of hair there is a more complex variant: the double French braid. First also select a strand at the top of the forehead and divide it into three parts. Next, start braiding back hair side strands under the middle make always. From the rightmost strand separate the small strand and kill her in the direction of the crab. Add every time to the main (not pending) of the side lock of the wings from the total mass of hair. Then with the wings under the side strand under the middle. Do the same with the left strand: select a thin strand, kill her, and not touch. To the remaining left strand make a catch and move it under the Central. Continue weaving the pattern.

The result will be a French braid in the middle and on the sides braids - loose strands. Of these strands needed to braid one braid on top of one that already exists. Here's how: connect the two top strands, divide them into three parts and begin to weave a braid reverse. The wings make loose strands. Double braid is ready! At first glance, netting stitch may seem complicated, but in practice, you will soon master this skill.

Secrets big and beautiful KOs

There are many secrets of how the thin hair you can weave a three-dimensional braid. The first is to use a variety of styling products. Of course, this method only works for one day, at the end of which the hair has to be washed.

Please note this product, like powder for hair: it is not necessary to comb out, and the volume it gives decent. If you want more lasting effect, make the night a lot of braids. Morning hair rasplatita: the volume will increase in two times. Such hair is already possible to weave a three-dimensional braid.

The third secret: a comb with fine teeth necesite strands, of which you'll weave the braid. This method gives a good result, but then need to make an effort to comb comb the strands.

The fourth secret: spray the hair spray for styling, curl on the curler, and after puff on the strand. The volume of hair will increase significantly.

The fifth secret: when braiding, use the overhead strands in colors that match your hair. This will create the illusion of their own voluminous braid. The most important in the process of weaving braids is creative and accurate following the instructions. And beautiful the result will not keep waiting.