How did the method dikulja

At the age of 15 years V. Dikul in the result of a fall from height has received a compression fracture of the spine in the lumbar spine and, as a result, I group of disability. Being bedridden patients, Valentin started training with weights, gradually increasing the load on all active muscles. As a result of the training have stronger arms and shoulders, but the legs remained motionless.

Friends Dikul in his drawings produced a system of pulleys with which the athlete can elevate the lower limb the rope hung from the headboard. With the help of simple adaptations Valentin tried to force to work muscles of the lower body, loading them, as applicable. During training Dikul had to overcome severe pain, constantly increasing the load on the muscles and joints.

According to his official biography dikulya, he not only fully recovered from the injury, but continued working in the circus as the power of the juggler, and then set several world records in powerlifting. In 1988 opened the first rehabilitation center for patients with spinal cord injuries, and medical and medical rehabilitation centers.
There is no information about the participation of V. I. Dikul in international competitions, so it is unclear who and when he awarded him the title of world champion in powerlifting.

According to Dikul, his treatment of osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia based on dynamic traction of the spine and strengthening the muscles of the musculoskeletal system by training on a special rehabilitation equipment. Moreover, the rehabilitation program is individually designed for each patient.

Reviews on the clinics Dikul

Forum medical centers Dikul you can read many rave reviews about the effectiveness of treatment and high professionalism of doctors and sports instructors. Sometimes there are claims to the receptionists and guards, and the reaction of the administration immediately before patient I apologize and report that the employee is punished.

For reviews on other sites, the situation is not so blissful. One of the main complaints of those who are dissatisfied with the result of treatment in hospitals, not the individual program for each patient. The group of patients with different diagnoses is engaged under the General supervision of one instructor.

Express clinic dikulja and to question the competence of the staff. Often there are complaints about the rapidly deteriorating health after a few sessions of treatment. Although instructors are required to adjust the intensity and type of exercise depending on the condition of the patient, questions about health before each class are specified formally. When the patient complains of increased pain, the instructors refer to the recommendations of the neurologist and say that they themselves did not understand this.

There are complaints about errors in diagnosis on MRI and ultrasound and the appointment of unnecessary expensive procedures, if the client expresses willingness to pay. Very often the nurses are called "sales managers of medical services," and their objective is draining money from the patient as long as he is able to walk to the clinic. However, there are positive reviews on medical centers dikulja on third-party resources. Tell visitors what problems they helped to get rid of in the clinic and advise patients not to despair, but to persevere to the goal.
The administrator of one of the sites reported that several such reviews on behalf of different people had posted from the same IP address.

Probably, the efficiency of the method dikulja depends on the specific patient and may not be suitable for all, so fair and the negative and positive reviews about its medical centers. It is also possible that a criterion of successful work of the clinic is a profit and not the health of the patient.