The roots of the hair are unlikely to hurt themselves. Most likely, it's in the scalp. What's wrong with her? The reasons may be different.

Too tight hairstyles. If you're used to constantly wear a ponytail, skin heads all the time, strapped. Which, of course, have an impact on it not the best way. Try to refuse for a while from this hairstyle and go with her hair.
Sometimes the pain in the roots of the hair comes improper care. For example, if your comb highly electrifies the hair.

Maybe your scalp is too dry. Used shampoo or another treatment, dry skin. Take care of her hydration. There are also special scrubs for your scalp. Moisturizing shampoos, masks for the skin will do you good.

Violation of blood circulation in the scalp can also cause sudden pain. Here it may be vascular disease, or spasm. That leads to the lack of headgear in the cold season. Yes, cap is saved not only from cold but also protects your hair. According to one version, the pain in the roots of the hair is one of the symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Sometimes the roots of the hair begin to hurt when you change the parting or kill the bangs back. The fact that your hair used to lie in one direction, and when that situation changes, they're hurting the hair follicles and scalp. If you are going to continue to change your hairstyle, this pain must simply be endured. Briefly to remove her gentle massage helps.

The nerves are the cause of many diseases, and there may be involved. If lately you often exposed to stress, probably a reason. To relieve the pain gentle massage helps.

The exact cause of the pain hair roots can establish the doctor triholog. Sometimes you should visit a neurologist.