You will need
  • - test to determine pregnancy;
  • - a clean container for urine collection;
  • - lead time 3-5 minutes;
  • - dry room;
  • - room temperature.
You purchased a simple test strip. Be sure to use verify integrity of packaging, expiration date, available application instructions. Take a clean, convenient container, and collect fresh, preferably morning urine sample. Open the package with the test. Please note: on one end of the strip, closer to the middle, is clearly a black stripe. It will move a few small arrows. The edge of the test strip to which the arrows point, you need to immerse in a Cup with the liquid, in our case urine. Submerge to a level at which indicates that the clear transverse band. Usually, near the level of maximum dip, the manufacturers of the tests further indicate this place signed "MAX". During a dive test in urine, hold it by the opposite edge. Most often it has a glossy colored surface with subtle, repetitive symbols of hcg. Keep the test in urine for about 3 seconds, after the ignition, put the strip on a clean, dry surface. Expect reactions between the components of urine and applied to the test reagent, and then interpret the results.
Test strip
If you use the test cassette, the probability of a wrong test is minimized. All you need is the actual test cassette, clean urine specimen container, pipette, which comes complete with the test. Carefully read the instructions. Then, start the process of identifying a pregnancy with a urine collection in a handy Cup. Type in the pipette urine from the drink. Put the cassette on a dry smooth surface and a round hole drip from the pipette 4 drops of urine. Evaluate the result after 3-5 minutes at room temperature, but not more than 10 minutes.
Test cassette
The most convenient, hygienic, but at the same time expensive is the jet test. Typically, this test is electronic, disposable, and is extremely sensitive: detects human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine of women already at a concentration of 10 Miu and so, even before the onset of the delay. It shows the time in weeks on the digital screen. The use does not require additional funds, sufficient to remove the protective cap and hold the fibrous web under a stream of urine. Upon contact with urine the test changes color, that will signal a sufficient amount of urine absorbed. Put the cap back on the test put it on a horizontal surface and wait for 1 minute. The result of the "+" will be followed by numbers, e.g. "2-3". In this case the numbers indicate the estimated duration of pregnancy from conception.
Jet electronic test