Trauma to the jaw

By injury, as a rule, soft tissue of the jaw. There is a small swelling and tenderness. Your mouth is not so painful to open. The patient in this case recovered within 2-3 days. When the injury effectively apply a special diet to help stay the jaw at rest and a cold compress.

With a sharp opening of a mouth is often the case the luxation of the lower jaw. Also this can happen if the person opens the teeth of a rigid container or bottle. When dislocation occurs the fixing of the oral cavity in the open state. The jaw canted to the left or right side. In this situation can help a qualified technician to the emergency room. He is right to the jaw in a natural position manually.

As a result of mechanical injury, for example, in case of accident, a person may be a fracture of the lower or upper jaw. The main symptoms are bruising, swelling, difficulty when chewing. Treatment administered exclusively by the attending physician. In addition to medical care need to the patient to provide the necessary care to give the ground a meal, rinse your mouth with clean water with antiseptic.

Osteomyelitis of the jaws

Osteomyelitis of the jaw there is pain of a pulsating character, increased body temperature, headache. This infectious disease of the jaw bones is manifested severe inflammation. The main reason for the symptoms – the infected tooth. Removal of the source of the disease – a forced necessity. In addition, a qualified person shall appoint the necessary treatment, which includes total detoxification and a course of antibiotics.

It should be noted that osteomyelitis of the upper jaw are very dangerous and can cause serious complications. It is therefore necessary to immediately seek help from a doctor when the pain in the upper jaw.

Pain, neurological

Trigeminal neuralgia – the most common cause of discomfort and pain when opening the mouth. This nerve is responsible for direct communication of the face and Central nervous system. Burning and drilling pain experienced in the jaw with lesions of trigeminal nerve. It comes, usually at night. The jaw in this case it only hurts on one side.

Quite a rare disease – neuralgia of the glossopharyngeal nerve. It is characterized by painful sensations in the tongue, which are moving to the discomfort in his jaw, chest and lower jaw in the larynx.

The treatment of any pain in the jaws, which are caused by pathology of nerves, is exclusively performed by medication under supervision of a qualified specialist.