The reasons for the formation of the tube

Devices the ear allows it to self-clean from earwax during chewing or talking. For normal hygiene of the ears is quite enough washing during shower and towel drying. Sometimes people clean the ears with cotton sticks, trying to clean the ear canal, thereby tamping sulfur deeper and causing blockage. Also, blockage may appear in the ear with very narrow and curved ear canal, due to genetic structure.

With frequent traffic jams you must carefully observe the hygiene of the ears and periodically visit the otolaryngologist.

The emergence of cerumen is often caused by excessive production of earwax, which accumulates in the ear canal and literally clog it, significantly impairing hearing and causing tinnitus, accompanied by a sensation of pressure on the inner ear walls. No less influential factors are the viscosity of sulfur, various inflammatory processes in the outer organ of hearing and the low humidity of the air in the room in which dry sulfur jams are formed often.

Description of cerumen

To see the tube you must look deep the ear canal – it will be visible soft mass of yellow, brown or black color, consisting of dead skin epithelium, sebaceous secretion and dead earwax. Also often found epidermoidnyi cerumen formed from the epidermal cells, glued earwax and dried pus. If it is not time to remove, it dries and becomes a very dense, firmly attach to the walls of the ear canal and triggering them the appearance of bedsores.

To effectively get rid of epidermoidnyi tube is possible with instillation into the ear of glycerol with alcohol, which mixture will soften her and make slippery.

There are also pastopodobny and plastilinovye tube, which is more elastic than dry tube and much easier to remove. Hearing loss caused by sulfur jams appears after the moisture on them and they swell, causing the man begins worse to hear, to feel noise in the ears, headache, dizziness, coughing and even nausea. To remove waxy build-up need only otolaryngologist who owns special tools and able to determine whether removal of the accumulation of earwax, because the home to ensure its complete removal impossible.