You will need
  • Credit card Bank Tinkoff.
Credit card of Tinkoff allows to count on a credit limit of up to 300 thousand rubles, the Card has a grace period of 55 days, during which no interest is charged on the borrowed funds. To obtain enough to fill out an application on the Bank's website, visit to office required. The card is available to individuals aged 18 years. Registration involves the provision of only one document - passport.
On the Bank website there is no information about which documents are required to increase the credit limit at the time of registration. Therefore the original credit card is issued with a minimum limit granted - an average of 5000-10000 R. Such a policy the Bank due to the fact that when making maps don't need collateral, guarantee, and proof of income.
To increase the credit limit, the borrower must actively use the card to pay for goods and services, as well as time to repay the resulting debt. Also takes into account how fast were the debt repaid on the map. Only after confirmation of its solvency and high financial discipline, the Bank can go on increasing the credit limit on the card.
The specificity of the policy Bank is that to increase the credit limit does not need to write any additional statements. Calls to customer support with this request will not bring the desired result. The Bank decides to increase the limit yourself on the basis of automated account of the card. In this case we take into account the period of active use of the card (it is use and not possession), and the amount of used and returned funds. Of course, the Bank is not going to increase the limit in the absence of regular and non-expired payments. And if there are arrears, the Bank can go and the credit limit is reduced or completely reset it.
Review the credit limit on the card Tinkoff platinum is carried out every four months. The borrower is notified about it through SMS messages. After that, he can agree to increase the limit and use the card with enhanced credit limits.