How to recognize "all inclusive"?

All inclusive - very convenient and quite economical recreation. This includes the maintenance, accommodation, nutrition, entertainment. The system "all inclusive" can vary depending on the quality of the hotel and the host country.

For example, some hotels only offer 3-4 meals throughout the day. Others include in this system also full snacks and the ability to eat at night. As a rule, local alcoholic drinks free everywhere, but for the cocktails at the bar, or foreign alcohol will have to pay yourself.

Also in the "all inclusive" are often part of the entertainment offered to guests on site. The range of services provided mainly depends on the number of stars selected place of residence. The main rule here: the higher the rank of the hotel, the more you can get. Somewhere in the system applies one or two of the animator for the evening disco and morning exercises, and that access to the SPA, tennis courts, all kinds of entertainment on site and the beach, Babysitting, etc.

The all inclusive concept in different countries

An increasing number of countries understand the attractiveness of the system "all inclusive". This is a great way to get a large number of tourists and, consequently, make good money. Therefore, the rest on system "all inclusive" can be found in many countries of the world.

The "classic" holiday destinations on the system "all inclusive" are Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia. These countries have long offered visitors a complete package with quality food, service, entertainment. This approach is loved by many holidaymakers, especially couples with children.

European countries are reluctantly offering tourists with all-inclusive. The main reason is the large number of available colourful restaurants, taverns, shops with products. European entrepreneurs are much more profitable to provide room and Breakfast, rather than to fully provide tourists.

However, every year the European hotels for relaxation are becoming more. For example, a great option is Bulgaria. Here "all inclusive" can be found in the coastal hotels and medical spas.

All-inclusive is also in Greece. The hotels offers not only great food, but loads of fun. For example, sauna, shooting range, tennis courts, Bicycle rental, etc. This approach is especially like travelers in remote areas of the Islands.

In Crete the system "all inclusive" often also implies a lot of nuances. For example, in addition to the food, you may be provided with a free passage into the nightlife. And here in Spain all inclusive is not very popular. In such a system, you can find hotels only in Andalusia, the Canary and Balearic Islands. From European countries a system of "all inclusive" is also supported by Croatia.

From distant countries "all inclusive" can be found in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. In addition to excellent drinks and food, the hotels offer delightful entertainment. For example, water sports, Golf, diving, wedding photo shoot.