To create an image with Daemon Tools and burn it to a disk, follow these steps. Download from the Internet app and install it on your computer.

After installation, you can begin creating the image. Insert the disc to play the image in the drive, then run Daemon Tools.

Create a disk image using the capture wizard Daemon Tools

In the main program window, locate the icon for "Create disk image". The name of this tool on different versions of the program may vary. Also, it can be called, for example, "New image". This will start the recording wizard.

Make sure you have selected the optical drive that contains the source disk. Configure this parameter as "Output image file", specify where the image will be saved, and the name and format of the image file. Then click "Start". This will start the image creation process, which only takes a few minutes. Wait for it to end.

Now insert a blank disc without any mechanical surface damage in the drive. Next, look on the toolbar icon "to Open the way." In the dialog box, the file path of the created image, and then download it into the program. The contents will be reflected in the directory tree in one of the visual fields of the program. In the options you must specify the target device, i.e. the optical drive, which contains a blank disc to burn the image.

Click the "Record" button. In the opened window, select the appropriate settings (speed, finishing, etc.), and then click OK. Will start the burn process, which can take some time. To ensure that the program is not hindered to continue working with the computer, it is possible to minimize or select the check box "Background". In the latter case, the program will hide into the tray, and when the process is over, back again. After you see the message "Operation completed successfully", the program Daemon Tools can be closed, and the media to extract from the drive.

Capture an image using Daemon if you have two drives

If the computer has two optical drive, the process of creating and recording image can be combined. To do this in one of the drives should be set to the storage medium from which to create an image, and a second net to which it must write. And then in the dialog box create a new image, you must as a place to store the image to provide a second drive with a clean drive.