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  • To identify signs of pregnancy, contact your veterinarian to choose the method of abortion
Not always the owners are willing to raise puppies to their dog because of lack of space in the house, failing to care for several animals. It happens so that there is a binding little bitch with a big cable, in this case, the gestation of puppies is dangerous. The dog can die in childbirth. There are a number of diseases in which the bitch just can't bear offspring. In all these cases you can resort to abortion.
There are two methods of pregnancy termination in dogs: surgical and medical. Selecting one of them depends on how much time has passed since mating. Medical abortion is that the dog give a loading dose of the hormone estrogen. Resulting in a fertilized egg just can't resist in the uterus and come out. Pregnancy does not occur. This method is quite dangerous. Can lead to inflammation of the uterus, a number of complications and even lethal outcome. Get a dose of the hormone bitch needs in the first hours or days after mating when the egg is not yet entrenched in the uterus. You need not to miss this time to successfully abort an unplanned pregnancy.
Surgical abortion involves the cutting of the uterus with its contents. You have to remove the entire organ, as the uterus has a specific shape and puppies can not be removed without damaging the walls. Due to the large blood loss will endanger the life of the pet. During pregnancy the uterus increases significantly in size due to the influx of large amounts of blood. The entire body has already started to adjust during pregnancy and its interruption will cause a hormonal imbalance. The removal of the uterus dog can't have puppies. Surgical method is considered inhumane. The owners after the operation, shall properly care for a dog, to bring her back to life.
To avoid an unplanned pregnancy, you need to constantly monitor your pet during walks, not to lose sight of especially in the heat. Remove the leash only in the designated areas for walking. If the owners did not initially want to obtain offspring, you need the bitch spayed at an early age. Otherwise, if there are no contraindications, it is better to let her carry the puppies to nurse them. And the owners then have to try to place kids in good hands.