Gorbushkin yard

Gorbushkin Dvor, popularly called the crust, is Russia's largest radio market. Here you can buy audio and video equipment, various appliances, computer components, cell phones, media information and much more. Once the crust was considered the center of the pirate trade, sold here are music albums and videos that can not be bought anywhere else.

In Soviet times, the radio was especially popular due to buy new things was difficult, people had designed devices independently.

The variety of goods is large enough today, but about the piracy speech is not: Commerce legalized. The choice of different instruments, devices, and disks with information, however, continues to capture the imagination: on the top crust you can find anything.

Gorbushkin Dvor is conveniently located, within walking distance from the metro station "Bagrationovskaya".

Electronic Paradise

Another popular brand is called "Electronic Paradise", and it is at the metro station "Prague". Today, the radio market is more reminiscent of a giant Mall, where you can buy home appliances, computers and accessories, all kinds of appliances and even office furniture. On-site radio has everything to comfortably make purchases.

The radio market in Mitino

One of the oldest and the best radio Moscow is located in Mitino. It was here, on mitinskoe radio market, as before, buy rare radiodetal, unusual part of or on the latest fee. You can bargain with the seller to discuss various aspects of connection of electronic parts, drink coffee and make a great purchase.

Hams believe that the former goes with the atmosphere of a modern radio, but in Mitino it still remains. Despite the fact that mitinskiy radio market began to look much more respectable than in the past, today it is a large well-maintained shopping complex – at heart he remained the same. You can find anything, as before.

Today, more and more electronic devices bought via the Internet, so the markets gradually declining.

The radio market in the tsarina

Not the old, but good radio is available at the metro station "Tsaritsyno". To find it from metro station by underground passage and pass between two railway tracks. On the radio market sold different types of electronics: computers, accessories, phones and spare parts, soldering equipment, office equipment.