The process of monitoring the situation on the roads in recent years, gaining the degree of automation. For example, in Novosibirsk the considerable number of cameras that record the violations committed by the drivers, and then on this basis to the mailing address of the owner of the car of traffic police gives notice of a fine. However, in some situations, drivers may not obtain this information. Are there other ways to find out whether you have unpaid fines for traffic violations?

Check traffic fines: the basic methods

In modern conditions one of the main problems, characteristic of automobile owners of Novosibirsk, is lack of time. That is why the main way of ascertaining information about the availability of unpaid fines for traffic violations - personal visit to one of the offices of traffic police of Novosibirsk - so unpopular among car owners. However, on road safety is actively using new technologies not only in terms of control over the situation on the roads, but also in terms of informing drivers. Therefore, to obtain such information today is possible, without leaving your computer - online.

Getting information about fines online

In order to save valuable time, drivers of Novosibirsk can use the "Check" which is available on the official website of the state traffic Inspectorate of the interior Ministry. A link to the specified service located right on the main page under the heading "online services", which brings together other services provided to car owners online. However, before you click on the appropriate link, it is useful to make sure that at the moment the website connected to the database of your region. If this is so, in the upper right corner of the home page will be indicated by a region "Novosibirsk oblast". If you see a designation from another region, you need to manually change it as desired, by clicking on the name of the Federation. This way you will be able to call a menu with a full list of regions in which to choose your and then go to check fines. In this section you will need to enter the state the vehicle registration number, series and number of certificate on state registration of vehicles and special security code that gives you access to the database. This small set of information will be enough in a few seconds, you received information about whether the police system in your region information about the presence of unpaid fines.