If modern women's needlework is a hobby, in the old days it was a vital necessity. But, as now, not all women had abilities to sewing, knitting, embroidery and other native women's studies.
Who was called the seamstress?

The ability to manually sew elegant products from fine fabrics were highly valued in Russia. Quilters who have mastered this art, called belosnejka. Not every woman can master this craft, as it required vigilance eyes, fast fingers, thinking out of the box. The seamstress was engaged in not only tailoring, but also solve the garment. So she had to be able to read and write, to imagine in my mind the image of the future model of clothes. But not only practiced these masters: they made underwear and bed linen, interior accessories (curtains, curtains, shawls, bedspreads, etc.).
What was the labor of the seamstress?

These women worked only with noble fabrics: brocade, taffeta, velvet. Seamstress able not only to sew, but the art of embroidery. Especially appreciated the art of decorating clothes with pearls and precious stones. At all times the rule of kings at the court lived seamstresses that manufacture chic garments for kings, royalty and nobility.
In Russia, the outfits for the bride also ordered belosnejka. These masters should have been familiar with the symbolism of the Rus and display it in their embroidery. Previously, every character was important as it gave the man information about gender, class, consistency of the owner of the clothes. Patterns, embroider masters, was a kind of writing that tells important information to others.
Manufacturer and embroidered headdresses, scarves, and other hats, too, was a prerogative of belosic. These products are adorned with pearls and exquisite paintings of precious threads. Archaeological finds confirm that embroidery existed in Russia in the 9th century of the last Millennium. Found fragments of clothing decorated with intricate beautiful patterns, which consist of gold and metal threads. As it turned out, as the noble Russians decorated their everyday clothes.
Some masters specialized in sewing underwear for nobles. It was difficult because it was necessary to work with the finest fabrics and laces. The work of belosic was honorable and aroused great respect. Still hardly anyone who can learn so artfully managed with needle and thread.