Prevention of head lice

Lice scientifically lice, the phenomenon is very ancient, but not lost relevance in modern times. Nursery schools and preschools are experiencing epidemics almost every year. Medical professionals regularly conduct inspections to detect parasites in the minds of children. But you should not rely only on the vigilance of the medicine. By members of the household must at least once a month, and preferably, in a week, to examine each other to prevent lice prosperity in the family. Especially if you have children attending school and kindergarten, or older family members, whose work is connected with travel, business trips, shifts of work, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene – go use your own comb and to teach the children. Do not wear other people's hats. Be sure to thoroughly dry the hair after swimming or bathing in public water bodies. Conduct regular inspections of the heads of all family members.

Regular checkups will help you identify the existence of parasites at an early stage to prevent the spread of infection in families and communities where work or study household. A single case of head lice cure is much easier than to remove a mass infestation, when the number of parasites becomes dangerously large. Moreover, the fecundity of lice is at a high level.

How to multiply lice

The life cycle of lice is about 40 days. During this time the female can lay more than 150 eggs – nits, gluing them to the hair closer to the scalp. In this place has the optimum temperature for aging eggs. Nits have an elongated shape, a bit like a drop of yellowish color. They are difficult to confuse with dandruff, because they are not strahovatsya hair. And to remove the nits is possible only with your fingers or a comb, dragging it across the length of the hair.

The duration of the aging nits takes from six to fifteen days, depending on external temperatures. The warmer and more humid atmosphere around the eggs is the faster of the nits will grow to adult parasites. The optimum temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius.

How to detect lice

Lice at an early stage can only detect the presence of nits on the head or accidentally ran through the hair alone later. Do not think that you will be able to see adults running around, just pushing aside the strands of hair. This can happen only in very advanced cases of head lice. But even if you cursory inspection found 2-3 nits then lice a person is present.

Inspect the head for signs of lice and nits need the following: put the person in a well-lit place, it is better to a window or table lamp. Comb his hair and start with the examination of the temple, moving in front of the head to the opposite temple. Take your fingers a thin strand of hair and examine it against the light. Usually nits are attached close to the scalp. To ignore them is not easy.

After examining the front part of the hair, go to the back of the head. Act on the same principle. Favorite place to lay it's eggs from lice, and places behind the ears, whiskey and the middle of the back of the hair close to the neck. Here, the inspection of the produce more carefully and slowly.