To forget a loved one, force yourself to realize that it is a closed Chapter in your life. Ago to return something makes no sense. If you decided to forget a person, try to do it immediately, not interested in his life, not calling and arranging scandals. Delete his number and don't allow friend to let you in on the details of its life, it should not you more interested in. However, some psychologists suggest in those moments when the desire to speak to former lover very much, still call and chat friendly. All due to the fact that unfulfilled desires lead to depression. But if you don't feel the strength to just chat, not really hoping for anything, forget his phone number, email address, etc.
Any psychologist will tell you not to hold back his emotions. So try to find someone able to listen to you, and how painful and hard, you can even cry. If the listener is not found, and to throw out the emotions does not work, try to give them a way out. For example, tear up all photos of a former lover, threw donated to them the soft toy Darts, throw all his stuff from the balcony etc.
Also very effective method is a thorough review of all of its advantages and disadvantages. Remember if it was good if all you are satisfied in your relationship. Take a sheet of paper, divide it in half and in one column write pros and the other cons. This method will help, if not forget the man, disappointed in him for sure. Most often offended the woman finds so many flaws in the former beloved, begin to wonder how you lived with him all this time.
The best way to remember a loved one – to stop trying hard to erase it from my memory. Live on, life goes on, it will still be a lot of good, and not dwell on the past. If the thoughts still haunt you, try to fill your day with other things. You can walk with friends, fitness or in any other case. After a long pleasant day of sad thoughts come into your head, because the body will demand rest.
Very often after parting with a beloved a person is not aware that life still has a place for joy. Learn to cope with depression, every day to rejoice in any detail. No matter what it is: a Cup of your favorite coffee, touching a kitten or a job well done. Happiness, as you know, in the details. Get yourself in the habit every night to remember what good has happened in the past day. So you are again able to open up to the world.