Trauma childhood. The socialization begins with the family. If at the initial stages of development the child is in a negative situation, its development goes wrong. Inferiority complex often develops in a child due to the fact that it is a lot of demand parents. They want to raise a Prodigy, but the kid is not disappointing. He's always punished, scold, shout. At school he becomes an object of ridicule, because he feared to meet the master and remained silent. All this creates hatred towards people. He finds a way to revenge through violence. Later, a grown maniac just can't stop from killing anyone who he didn't like.
Problems with the opposite sex. The main factor shaping the idea of sex, is associated with the first experiments in this area. If they went poorly, it affects my whole life. Many maniacs have experienced difficulty in communicating with the opposite sex, which led them first into a state of embarrassment and resentment, and then gave rise to the anger and desire for revenge. If the person is subjected in adolescence to sexual violence, perhaps in the future he will try this model on their future partners. So, there is a possibility that he will have fun repeating those actions once committed on him.
"R-complex". There is a theory that people become killers because of the different structure of the brain. Paleopsihologi say that the mind controls the primitive brain. Some people last getting out of control and begins to direct the actions of man. Then the individual acquires the motives of apes and stops temper his anger, pouring it on others.
Physical injuries. Speaking about physiology, it is important to note that becoming a serial killer can a person that was previously completely normal. He could have brain injury, damage one of his areas are responsible for the correct perception of reality. Most of the maniacs lack the instinct of self-preservation, fear, aversion to blood. They are like two year old children stuck at this stage, ready to smash and break. In addition to the physical injuries, it is worth mentioning that external ugliness, even if small, can sometimes also indicate the human propensity to violence. It certainly was teased and humiliated for the fault, resulting in self-esteem dropped, and the desire to assert themselves through others increased.
Outstanding imagination. Maniacs are the most talented and creative people. They look for ways to expand your consciousness, try to get to the bottom of what is happening. People to them similar to the mechanism of hours that need to be dismantled to see what's inside. Most of the maniacs were great artists, musicians, connoisseurs of fine cuisine.