Advice 1: Why people become serial killers

Maniacs are individuals suffering from mental illness. Psychologists disagree about the nature of their propensity for violence. But there are factors that are most likely to be the mechanism, pushing the man to the murder.
Why people become serial killers?
Trauma childhood. The socialization begins with the family. If at the initial stages of development the child is in a negative situation, its development goes wrong. Inferiority complex often develops in a child due to the fact that it is a lot of demand parents. They want to raise a Prodigy, but the kid is not disappointing. He's always punished, scold, shout. At school he becomes an object of ridicule, because he feared to meet the master and remained silent. All this creates hatred towards people. He finds a way to revenge through violence. Later, a grown maniac just can't stop from killing anyone who he didn't like.
Problems with the opposite sex. The main factor shaping the idea of sex, is associated with the first experiments in this area. If they went poorly, it affects my whole life. Many maniacs have experienced difficulty in communicating with the opposite sex, which led them first into a state of embarrassment and resentment, and then gave rise to the anger and desire for revenge. If the person is subjected in adolescence to sexual violence, perhaps in the future he will try this model on their future partners. So, there is a possibility that he will have fun repeating those actions once committed on him.
"R-complex". There is a theory that people become killers because of the different structure of the brain. Paleopsihologi say that the mind controls the primitive brain. Some people last getting out of control and begins to direct the actions of man. Then the individual acquires the motives of apes and stops temper his anger, pouring it on others.
Physical injuries. Speaking about physiology, it is important to note that becoming a serial killer can a person that was previously completely normal. He could have brain injury, damage one of his areas are responsible for the correct perception of reality. Most of the maniacs lack the instinct of self-preservation, fear, aversion to blood. They are like two year old children stuck at this stage, ready to smash and break. In addition to the physical injuries, it is worth mentioning that external ugliness, even if small, can sometimes also indicate the human propensity to violence. It certainly was teased and humiliated for the fault, resulting in self-esteem dropped, and the desire to assert themselves through others increased.
Outstanding imagination. Maniacs are the most talented and creative people. They look for ways to expand your consciousness, try to get to the bottom of what is happening. People to them similar to the mechanism of hours that need to be dismantled to see what's inside. Most of the maniacs were great artists, musicians, connoisseurs of fine cuisine.
A maniac can be a good family man and a model employee. It is difficult to calculate the common man. Why serial killers are so hard to find.

Advice 2: Why do some people always shout

There are people with whom communication is very difficult due to their unrestrained nature. Such people usually can't stay in a peaceful mood: they constantly scream and go ballistic.
A screaming man
Most people, using the quarrel to cry, feels their helplessness and inability to reach an understanding with someone. Often it is an expression of fear, misunderstanding and powerlessness. In any case, you have to agree that a screaming person is most likely uncomfortable and he tries to change it. Without noticing it, making it impossible to cry and the conversation.
A reason to be afraid at everyone. You can shout from the fact that it is terrible to be alone and lose his only loved one. That is what little children, because for them it is a real tragedy: some in the big world they will not survive. And what makes us constantly go to the Creek adult self-sufficient man?
The reasons lie on the surface, can look beautiful, and fully justify it, but if you look deeper, you often find that things are not so great. The constant cry speaks of moodiness, irritability, incontinence. And if flashy is seeking to shift the blame on the other saying that was taken out himself, it shows the unwillingness to change and take responsibility for their actions. Hardly anyone would allow themselves to so out, for example, alone with five bullies in a dark alley, but with subordinates at work, many are trying to expose themselves unfortunate victim of the provocation.
The constant cry also means that people already feel their impunity. With him refused to communicate and cooperate after the first and second, and maybe third incident, and probably he got scared from the outburst of a man what could not be achieved without shouting. Although such people claim that not being able to control themselves, this is often not true. For those who really cannot restrain themselves, there are sedative drugs, and these people have no contact with the healthy. The rest are invented by the its helplessness in order to continue to obtain whatever he wants and accuse people in the provocation, and lost miles of nerves.
Most people are well aware that shouting will achieve nothing, and therefore does not shout in situations where it's really pointless. The victims of his bad temper be or subordinates at work or family members.

Advice 3: How and why people go missing

Despite the fact that the person is not a grain of sand and not a leaf, it can get lost and disappear forever. Every year the country goes missing 80-120 thousand people, 50,000 of them are children. And that almost the whole population of a small town. Some of those lost dogs returned, but the other seemed to dissolve completely. Reasons why this happens quite a lot.
How and why people go missing
Lost people are mostly located is a nice part of the statistics. Someone, someone in a month, others over the years. But there are those who do not return home ever, and about their relatives fate is anyone's guess.

Who are – "missing"

Despite the fact that the number of lost people in the hundreds of thousands, in Russia there is still no clear definition of who are "missing". While only there is an implicit definition that it is the people who disappeared suddenly under mysterious circumstances and without any apparent reason.

Experts who study this phenomenon, argue that the history of observations, we can conclude that the peak of missing people falls on the fall and spring. Traditionally, these times of the year are considered to be sometimes exacerbation of various mental diseases and problems in humans.

Reasons why people disappear, quite a lot – from voluntary to compulsory. E-it is usually referred to:
- household conflicts;
escape from debt;
- getting into slavery;
victims of crime;
- sect.

In the first case, escape from the boring wives, parents, children, relatives. Any conflicting, different things – it might be the reason that man turned and walked away. By the way, law enforcement officers, even if you find a missing person, do not have the right to inform relatives of his new address (of course, this does not apply to children).

In the second situation irresponsible citizens who receive loans in excess (whether from friends or banks) prefer to slowly disappear, considering that all debts is automatically written off.

Those who were enslaved, the situation is significantly more serious and worse. It is believed that 80% of lost adults – those who went to work. Typically, the scheme is quite simple: I went for the quick and easy money instantly to find a good place did not work, home empty-handed return ashamed. Somewhere to meet a "good man", who offers his help. For familiarity and employment offers to drink, and after the person is already on some factory in the mountains in slavery, absolutely no memory of how he got here.

Ladies often find themselves in sexual slavery. Their passports are confiscated mobile phones, locked in closets and basements, so to get out of the shot, and to contact relatives.

Of victims of crime, everything is clear. Met the rapist, a pathological murderer, a maniac, a sadist, etc. In most cases victims do not survive, and if found, then only body. There are also situations when the body detects quite late and immediately identify it fails, and the connection between was found dead and wanted is not visible.

People disappear-including because of illness, for example, if a person takes a nervous breakdown or exacerbation, in which he loses his memory.

Cultists also contribute to the statistics of missing people. Many leave the world in communities scattered in different parts of the country. Find the lost and return in this situation is quite problematic. After all, the sect – the organization closed.

Who often lost

If you look at the situation extensively, it seems that needs to disappear disadvantaged people who have regular problems in the family. Also the category lost and found can be attributed to hard workers. However, the statistics are inexorable: according to the reports in Russia every year vanish at least 5 officials of fairly high rank, and nearly 200 in the form of people, which include both military and law enforcement.

Another issue associated with the lost people, is the time of the search. Children start to search at once, which significantly increases the chances to find them in hot pursuit. But adults are starting to look for only 3 days, considering that this term is an adult, independent person, maybe somewhere to just relax. By law, looking for a missing person for 15 years, and then declare the victims.

Advice 4: How to recognize the man of a maniac

If you really know the basics of human psychology, one can glance to learn to understand people. Sometimes it is enough to look at the man just once to understand what it represents.
How to recognize the man of a maniac

What people are maniacs?

Researchers believe that maniacs can be certain people have this tendencies. For a long time scientists study the behavior of antisocial, very aggressive people, and those who are called often crazy and insane. At the same time, it is revealed that there is no genetic predisposition to pathological aggression. Abnormal person to do certain specific conditions: education, lifestyle, circumstances.

In order to accurately determine the identity of a potential serial killer, it is desirable to know its conditions of life. Some maniac is very difficult to quantify even for experienced techs. As for serial killers to identify them among the crowd is even harder. They are very cunning, in the society, behave well, are good family men and good fathers. These antisocial personalities firmly seated the mask of law-abiding citizens, thus they lull the vigilance of the people, at the same time work depending on the actual plan.

What kind of person become maniacs?

When committed any murder or rape in the first place, suspicions fall on people, aggressive or those who have some mental disorders. But nobody will ever consider law-abiding citizens into the category killers. Such maniacs, behind the mask, are considered to be the most dangerous. They work methodically, keep cool and calm in any situation.

Another type of killer disorganized individuals who do not try to hide the evidence and kill the first counter. Typically, these antisocial personality is quite not adapted and have very low intelligence. To catch the killers of this type is very easy since such people do not develop any strategy.

What distinguishes the freaks from the ordinary people?

First, those who become maniacs, had an unhappy childhood, perhaps even youth. In childhood these people on the part of parents experienced the violence and morally suppressed personality. Defective they feel among their peers that they, too, morally humiliated.

Some potential killers have a biological predisposition to such behavior and aggression. Even in utero development in their brain changes. Such people from early childhood do not develop normally areas of the brain responsible for morality, the instinctive desire, behavior.

Another interesting point is that the vast majority of maniacs is a man who can calculate in their behavior.

In order to understand that before you maniac, you need to carefully pay attention to human actions and its appearance. As a rule, people with similar mental health problems have a brilliant and shifty eyes bulging, and behave very eccentric. Very often they infest even the most innocuous remark or statement. Such people in view are sometimes too nice or too aggressive. You should always pay attention to their gestures and facial expressions. In addition, they can haunt someone for a long time. When communicating with a potential victim they can lead excited or will be in a state of nervous tension. To avoid becoming a victim of such a person, you need to be careful of unfamiliar people.
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