For skin cancer cancer affected areas of the epidermis have an altered appearance – redness, ulceration, and various tumors. If such modifications are not removed surgically, there is a gradual disintegration of the diseased tissue and poisoning of the body.
Cancer processes that affect the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, grow rapidly, exhibit strong pain and dysfunction of the affected organ. Patients have exhausted painful. If a malignant tumor affects the bones and tissues of the feet, the patient ceases to move independently. In cases when it affects the back and spine, patients do not get out of bed.
Ulcerative processes, and polyps of the gastrointestinal tract tend to malignities, that is reborn in the malignant process. These abnormalities disturb the digestive functions, the patient is often completely lost appetite. Patients with cancer of the stomach and intestines very quickly lose weight, manifest the common signs of intoxication.
When General intoxication disturbed metabolism, in patients with poorly absorbed by the vital protein. Protein is the main energy source and necessary for building healthy cells. With his lack of starts to deteriorate trophic tissues, reduces resistance to the entire body. Poisoning of the body decay products of the tumor inevitably leads to weight loss.
Malignant cancers affect the blood composition. In cancer patients decreases the level of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to all organs and tissues. As oxygen becomes scarce, the body sends it to the vital internal organs, and the skin loses its elasticity, appears pale, sometimes skin becoming jaundiced.
In a patient with cancer changed her hair. Due to lack of nutrients, they become dull and brittle, falls out in large quantities. A large part of person loses hair after chemotherapy, due to the increase in intoxication. Patients have look stressed and apathetic mood. Many refuse to fight for life, do not listen to the advice of friends and the recommendations of the experts, often "go away".
In malignant lesions of the kidney, liver, and ovaries in patients there is a pronounced swelling. Patients gradually lose fat but not lose weight, and acquire a tendency to accumulation of fluid. Many patients develop ascites - fluid in the abdominal cavity. Perhaps the development of anasarca, when there is huge accumulation of the liquid substance in the skin and tissues of many organs.