Do not start to show sympathy for the beautiful stranger, while at the other end of the bus. The distance between you and the people around will confuse the girl and not have to communicate with you.
Try to be with his chosen in the same plane. If a girl is sitting – sit to stand - stand. Make an exception only in the case if you are sitting and the girl standing nearby. In this case, stand up and give her your seat. She will certainly appreciate your small but noble gesture. Besides, you have a reason to strike up an acquaintance.
First eye contact is very important. Try to start with a light smile. Give the girl time to notice you and inadvertently the best to consider. The best scenario at this stage is if you manage to recognize reciprocal sympathy. To make it simple enough. If a girl smiles at you, straightens his hair, glances in your direction – further success is likely assured.
It's time to start to become more active. Have a conversation first. Make an unusual compliment, make a joke, comment on the view outside the window or non-standard situation on the bus. Try to speak quietly, so you heard only girl. This will help you to feel more comfortable and confident and will not confuse your fellow traveler.
Avoid standard phrases young people in a similar situation. It is not necessary to speak: "Girl, let me to meet you" or "And your mother-in-law?". These rubber stamps will set you apart from the crowd of her fans, besides you run the risk of being branded as banal and uninteresting. And here and to complete failure is near.
Find out where your date is, how soon will the destination. This information will help you to understand how much time you have to create a favorable impression about yourself and consolidate experience.
Do not start a conversation on topics of a personal nature. What is appropriate when meeting in the club or on the street, on the bus might not work. Unobtrusively, ask a girl to take her home. When there is less people, you will be able to find a contact, to Express themselves and begin to become more active.
If you don't plan to go out with a girl in one place, you have to share with her contacts still in the bus. And an ordinary "write me please your phone number I would like to see you again" will not work here. Try to be original and look confident, even if it is not. If the girl someone stepped on your foot or accidentally touched, can make a joke and ask for her number under the pretext to accompany and protect her on every trip. If you did everything correctly, she will appreciate your sense of humor is appreciated and agree.