You will need
  • yarn;
  • - spokes.
Remove the measure the child's head. Dial on the spokes of the required number of loops of calculation that 10 inches of knitted fabric will be 20 loops.
Start knitting with the selected pattern and knit straight blade 3-5 cm for circumference of the head. You can make the lapel to the finished product warmed ears. The lapel can be knit as a band (if takes is no banding edges), and hosiery knitting (if you plan to make the piping).
Start vyvazhivanii bottom of the beret: its radius will be about 6-8 inches. For subtraction loops promazyvaya them two together through the equal span. In each of the front row take up to 8 loops.
To the bottom of the beret was smooth, after vyvazhivanija half of its height, begin to diminish the loop more often (in other words decrease the number of loops increases).
Match the pattern of the bottom of the beret. It can be knit into the stocking pattern, equity or transverse bands.
For vyvazhivanija bottom of the stocking pattern will divide all points on the spokes of a loop into 8 sectors and each of the front row promazyvaya two loops together at the boundary of these sectors. Thus to form a roundness shape myself stocking pattern.
For vyvazhivanija equity pattern turn down the first loop in the wrong lane at the rate of 8 loops in the sector, and then move on to the gum. So turn down all the loops.
The bottom of the beret, formed transverse stripes, knit a decrease of facial loops through a series of 16 loops in a row.
From the original number dialed on the spokes of the loops evenly heat the half and three centimeters provarite selected pattern. Then again uniformly lower half of the remaining on the needles loops and provarite the remaining loop of the rubber band, alternating front and back loops. Height knit in elastic bands should be about 2-3 inches.
Subtract all the loops remaining 8-10 loops close with the help of a needle. Takes stitch knitted stitch.
The edge of the finished tie beret crochet three or four rows of columns without nakida. If he was vymazyvaja lapel, tie hook is not necessary.
Wet the finished product and let it dry so that it shrunk. Decorate a beret with pompom.