Advice 1: How to tie summer takes

Crochet summer beret – it is laborious, but fascinating. It can be simple columns or intricate pattern. Importantly, the product is so light, breathable and come to certain outfits and accessories. The young needlewoman you need to master the basic principles of circular knitting, additions and obavlenia columns. Then you can connect the imagination to create a truly unique thing.
How to tie summer takes
You will need
  • - hook number 2;
  • thread of cotton, linen or bamboo;
  • centimeter;
  • - scissors;
  • - scheme openwork pattern or swipe.
Choose the right material and the basic pattern for crochet beret. Summer the product is recommended to perform the linen, cotton or bamboo threads. The optimum hook size no. 2. For knitting the bottom of the headdress can be used, in particular, the scheme of the pattern for wipes of a suitable size. The rest of the beret do columns without nakida.
Start knitting summer beret with chain loops (a total of six links). Prostovisa connect the last loop with the first zakrepiv the tip.
Tie the circle of columns without nakida, then perform the selected pattern. To round the bottom of the beret evenly to add a loop from the first row. The main principle of work:
- the number of loops of the first row divide the circle into parts (this is the future wedges;

- if you want to get a smooth round, place a pair of columns of loops, which are located near the previous gain;

- for more interesting shapes beret (with a polygonal bottom) do increase always exactly one above the other.
Knitted form a circle the right size and begin to pull the canvas to give it the shape of a beret. For this you need to go with an openwork pattern on the bars without nakida and evenly to diminish the loop. You should reach a circular range corresponding to the circumference of the head is the beginning of the band (rim) headgear.
Tie bars without nakida band approximately 3 cm in height. If desired, the lower edge of the product, you can perform a decorative tie. For example, in summer clothes looks good pattern Picot:
- hook is included in the first column in a circular series;

do yo sky;

- even yo;

- the thread is pulled through the two loops formed on the hook.
You have to trim the working thread, leaving a loose end about 6 cm in length, and to surreptitiously introduce his hook on the reverse side ready summer beret.
Useful advice
Make the necessary preparations before the knitting of the beret. Sartorial meter obmerte head circumference (along the median line of the forehead and the nape of the neck), then the height (from one ear to the other through the top). In future work, regularly try on nadopasana headpiece to adjust the size.

Advice 2 : How to tie summer beret crochet

Openwork summer beret knitted from fine cotton yarns, is a wonderful and indispensable thing in the summer heat. In such a headdress is not hot, as the open knit will ensure the access of air to your head. Beret, crocheted, can be worn in addition to the open dress, sundress or top. It can be worn for walks around town, trips to the cottage or on the beach.
How to tie summer beret crochet
You will need
  • - 100 g of cotton yarn,
  • hook № 1,5-2.
The color of thread for the beret can be absolutely anything. You can associate arbitrary under any summer outfit. However, bear in mind that doctors recommend in the scorching heat to wear clothes of bright colors. Choose thin cotton yarn, as it is very bad at trapping heat, but absorbs moisture and breathable. Note that these yarns can shrink after washing. Bind the sample wash and see if the yarn shrinkage. Pick up the hook. The thinner the yarn, the thinner the desired crochet hook. Recommended hook number is usually indicated on the label of the skeins.
Make a paper pattern of the bottom of the foundations for the future of the beret. It will be easier to make knitted cloth and do the necessary subtraction and addition. The diameter of the bottom should equal approximately one-half of the circumference of the head (that is, if the head circumference of 56 cm, the diameter of the bottom should be knit 28 cm). But if you want to tie takes more bulk, and the bottom diameter will be greater.
Initially focusing on the bottom of the beret. Tie a chain of three or four loops, close them in a circle and knit openwork bottom. As a schema pattern for the beret, use the terminal napkins of the same diameter.
Next knit, making the subtraction, promazyvaya together every ninth and tenth columns to the circumference were equal to the circumference of your head. This part of the beret can be linked as an openwork pattern, and just the columns without nakida, but in this case the beauty will be visible only from behind.
Okolicach knit lobster by-step". It is necessary to purl the same way as the columns without nakida, only in the opposite direction from left to right. The width of okolica will depend on your desire.
Takes ready. To avoid loss of shape, apply the product and dry it on a flat horizontal surface.
Fishnet does not need additional decorations, it is incredibly beautiful in itself. If you want to wear it to a party, a club or another celebration, add the glamour, adorning this wonderful hat with rhinestones, beads, beads or glass beads, or just pin to kolysku exquisite brooch.
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