The first thing to do is get expert advice. The doctor can call home or to get an appointment in the clinic. The specialist should examine, make a diagnosis and compose a treatment plan with the appointment of the required course of medicines.
Most often doctors appointed by such drugs as: "benzylpenicillin", "ampicillin", "erythromycin", "oleandomycin", "tetracycline". The course of treatment for any drug lasts for 5 to 7 days in more severe cases up to 10 days. The dosage is prescribed individually.
To inject the above drugs must be strictly prescribed, and in accordance with the instructions and the complexity of the disease. Usually the "benzylpenicillin" and "ampicillin" is assigned as an injection 4 times a day, "oleandomycin" – similarly, intramuscular injection of 6 times, and injections of "erythromycin" – 3 times a day.
In addition to the injections of antibiotics can be assigned and antipyretic drugs, as the sore throat usually accompanies a rise in temperature to 39-40 degrees. Antipyretics are accepted in the form of tablets, and injections.
The treatment must be supplemented by gargling and using local antiseptics. You can choose between Furacilinum, salt or soda solution, and decoction of sage and chamomile. Aerosols can be used different ways, for example, "Recovering", "Stopangin", "Miramistin", etc. mouthwash will help cleanse the tonsils of plaque and aerosols will minimize the pain.
At the same time can be assigned to drugs that restore the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Injections of antibiotics can disrupt the bacterial milieu and that is why the body needs recovery to combat the infection. Such drugs will be treated "Linex", "Bifiform" or "Trimedat". The organism was able to overcome the disease fully, we need not only injections, which in most cases are mandatory, but drugs designed to maintain and restore the body after treatment.
To help you need not only the gastrointestinal tract. To cope with angina as with any other disease, always helps the immune system, which at the time of injection of antibiotics needs to be rebuilt. To commonly prescribed drugs include "Immunal", "Arbidol" or "Anaferon".