Advice 1: How to calculate the area of bath

Everyone wants the bathroom was a place to relax, soak in the warm water, enjoying the comfort, which can easily create a mirror, soft towels and beautiful tile on the walls. But to achieve have to create this comfort: to put the tiles, decorate wall mirrors, and then to accessorize.
How to calculate the area of bath
You will need
  • roulette;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - a pencil or pen.
Before proceeding to the direct measurements of the length and width, it is necessary to draw a "turn" your bathroom is easier for you to work, so it will be easier to record and calculate the result. For convenience, mark the pattern on each wall (for example, "wall mirror", "wall locker") and Paul, not to mix anything up. Of course, it would be easier to draw a projection of the volume of the room, but it's usually the professionals are doing to navigate in the project.
To make it easier to make the measurements, try to clear the floor at least near the two walls. Tape measure measure the length and width of the room on the floor and note the dimensions on your drawing. Then measure the height and width of each wall, record.
Need to calculate the area of the floor – to do this, multiply your results its length and width.
Now you need to determine the area of each wall: to do this, multiply the width by height of each wall. Record the result on your drawing. Perhaps the height of the walls in the corners will vary – it all depends on the quality of construction, materials used, etc. Then calculate the area at the greatest height, then you will have a supply of the finishing material.
To get the total area of your bathroom, fold the square all walls and floor. The resulting amount will give you the desired value.
If you measure the area of a room in order to buy the tile, it is better to round the result obtained in a big way and add another 10%. So you will be able to avoid a sudden lack of material. However, it is not necessary and greatly exaggerate the area, so you will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Useful advice
The walls in some homes is not very smooth, so you should measure the width and length for each wall separately, or may be inaccuracies. Similarly, the height of the room, it is advisable to measure each wall separately, and verify the settings at different points.

Advice 2: How to calculate the area of a room

How to calculate the area of a room, not to be mistaken with purchase or repair.
How to calculate the area of a room
To calculate the area of a room is rectangular, you need to multiply its length and width. The values of width and length shall be expressed in meters. In this case, the value of the area of the room would make in square meters.
If the room has additional niches or, conversely, coming into the room tabs on plumbing constructions and other premises, the area of such parcel shall be measured separately and added (or subtracted) to the area of the room.
If the room is not square, you can break it into rectangles and folded the square of each of them
To measure the length and width of the room is a conventional or electronic roulette (electronic rangefinder). For more accurate measurement results it is advisable to make two measurements - at the beginning of the wall and the end wall. If the measurements are slightly different, the arithmetic mean – both numbers are added up and split in half.
When using an electronic (laser) roulette you should pay special attention to the direction of the beam was exactly perpendicular to the wall. Even a small deviation of 5-10 degrees can "zoom" the area of a room per square meter.
If the room area is calculated for installation of infrared heating film, of the results obtained is subtracted the area of the "heavy" furniture – cabinets, walls, sofas, beds (if they are not on legs).
If the room has a more complex form, i.e. not broken into rectangles, the more difficult sections can be divided into triangles and sectors of a circle. To calculate the area of triangular sections is easier to use Heron's formula:

S=√(R(R-a)*(R-b)*(p-C)), where R - properiter triangle, p=(a+b+C)/2, a, b, C be the lengths of its sides.

To calculate the area of sectors formula area of a circle. (PR Kvadrat), how many degrees in the sector.

Advice 3: How to calculate the cost of housing

In most real estate transactions the key factor is the cost. Pricing is influenced by many direct and indirect factors, among which age of the property, its condition, the level of demand for housing in the area.
How to calculate the cost of housing
You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
To buying and selling real estate was the most profitable for you, calculate the cost of housing, using one of the special Internet services (, or On these resources, the calculation process is automatic and is based on such criteria as total area, number of storeys, condition, house type.
But note that this is only an approximate result. Each property is different, so the calculations to the result a certain amount will be added, or, conversely, to be taken away.
If you sell the house, your goal is to increase its value. To add to this obtained in the course of calculations the amount of high-quality repair, metal Windows, new communications, etc. Taking into account the above data, perform a recalculation. Increase the cost of housing for an amount approximately equal to the cost of the work performed.
To calculate the cost of a relatively new apartment without a good renovation, double-glazed Windows and other elements of comfort, find out how much stroyvariant in the same area. Add to this amount the cost of Wallpaper, linoleum, tiles, baths, interior doors, furniture (if you are going to leave the new tenants). This calculation method use only for apartments in new homes.
Also, to calculate the value of the property refer to similar offers from other sellers. But do not rush to reduce or increase the cost because you are not familiar with the specifics of each particular ad. Perhaps someone in a hurry to sell the old apartment to pay for new, so selling it cheaper. And someone, on the contrary, he put a very high price, because he wants more money, and the time frame it does not restrict.
Useful advice
Setting the price of the apartment, add to it the cost of certain "reserves" which you will be able to do a discount if buyer will find any flaw and begin to bargain.

Advice 4: How to calculate load current

When designing the schema for the new wiring or overhaul an existing one, to determine the required wire cross-section it is necessary to calculate maximum load current in the mains. This can be done by simple calculations.
How to calculate load current
You will need
  • calculator
Calculate based on quantity, areas of rooms and their purpose, amount and type of lighting load current in the lighting network. To do this, use the formula P=pS, where p is the power density of the illumination, measure in Watts per метр2 (average of 20 Watts), S is the area of the room. Example: there are 5 rooms with an area of 120 square meters. Power is equal to: 20×120=2400 Watts. Calculate the load current in the lighting network: 2400:220= 10.9 Amps.
Calculate the maximum power simultaneously include devices in each room. The average figure does not exceed 900 Watts for the living room. If in winter you will use oil filled radiators for heating, also keep in mind their capacity. Pay special attention to the kitchen: the most energy-intensive appliances to be there. While the inclusion of modern electric cooking plate output of 3000 Watts, built-in oven power of 3,500 Watts, microwave power of 1400 Watts, the kettle power 2000 Watt, washing machine (many people have a washing machine in the kitchen) with a capacity of 2200 Watts, fridge with capacity of 400 Watts food processor capacity of 1000 Watts (this situation may arise when preparing for some family celebration), the load current will rise to: 3000+3500+1400+2000+2200+400+1000=13500:220=61,5 Amp!
With insufficient conductor cross-section, the simultaneous operation of these devices will lead to the emergency shutdown of power at the most inopportune moment. Plus an electric heater in the bathroom with the capacity of 1000 Watt. Also in the calculation, enter the 15-percent reserve capacity. In our case, the maximum load current is obtained: approximately 11 Amps on the lighting + 900 Watts for 5 rooms = 4500:220=20.5 Amps maximum consumption in the living room + 61.5 Amps in the kitchen + 4.5 amps in the bathroom = 97,5:100×115=112 Amps.

Advice 5: How to calculate the cost of repairs in the bathroom and toilet

How much will cost the repair of the apartment or house, including the bathroom and the toilet in the first place depends on the desires and capabilities of the host. Whatever amount you planned to spend, before proceeding to transformation of any room, it is best to calculate future costs in advance.
How to calculate the cost of repairs in the bathroom and toilet
Least likely to make repairs in the bathroom and the toilet in the first place is related to the complexity and longevity of this process. In addition, these rooms, despite their small size, require rather large investments. Therefore, if you decide to make repairs in the bathroom and toilet, then this should be treated responsibly, to not have to return to this question again in a year or two.
Repair bathroom and toilet is not worth saving, because it is a long-term investment. It is desirable for him to devote the maximum possible amount of money, this will allow you to purchase more quality materials for finishes.

What is the cost of repair in the bathroom and toilet

With the right approach, the repair of any premises to start with budgeting. Of course, when referring to the firms that perform the work of "turnkey" calculation of the cost of the services and materials will provide a ready-made, but keep in mind that it will be not an economical option. As the estimated cost of repairs can be estimated and using on-line calculators, in the end the result is not quite accurate. An estimate you can own, it is quite simple, the main thing not to forget anything and to consider all nuances.

The calculations consider the following main points:

• the cost of construction materials (glue, tiles, pipes, etc.);
• the cost of repairs;
• cost of furniture and accessories;
• additional costs (delivery, garbage removal, remodeling, etc.).

Calculation of repair in the bathroom

It is more convenient to calculate the quantity of material on the drawing that you can draw by hand. To find out the required quantity of any materials: tiles, panels, glues and other, it is first necessary to calculate the surface area.
When counting the number of materials to the obtained result, it is better to add another 3% as the error in the marriage.

To calculate the area you need to measure each wall, ceiling and floor in all directions. Squaring of the surface is computed by multiplying the longest width. For example, floor space in the bathroom 1.5 m x 1.6 m $ 2.4 m (S=1.5 x 1.6 = 2.4 GHz). In the calculations we must not forget to take away uncultivated surface: door, ventilation, space for shower cubicle.

With the cost of furniture and additional costs all of just the value these components you must learn in advance from the service providers and interior. As for repairs, the amount they spend depends on the skills and desires of the owner. You can hire a team that will independently perform all the necessary work, or to find a professional who will help with the fact that the owner does not know how.
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