You will need
  • roulette;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - a pencil or pen.
Before proceeding to the direct measurements of the length and width, it is necessary to draw a "turn" your bathroom is easier for you to work, so it will be easier to record and calculate the result. For convenience, mark the pattern on each wall (for example, "wall mirror", "wall locker") and Paul, not to mix anything up. Of course, it would be easier to draw a projection of the volume of the room, but it's usually the professionals are doing to navigate in the project.
To make it easier to make the measurements, try to clear the floor at least near the two walls. Tape measure measure the length and width of the room on the floor and note the dimensions on your drawing. Then measure the height and width of each wall, record.
Need to calculate the area of the floor – to do this, multiply your results its length and width.
Now you need to determine the area of each wall: to do this, multiply the width by height of each wall. Record the result on your drawing. Perhaps the height of the walls in the corners will vary – it all depends on the quality of construction, materials used, etc. Then calculate the area at the greatest height, then you will have a supply of the finishing material.
To get the total area of your bathroom, fold the square all walls and floor. The resulting amount will give you the desired value.