You will need
  • Avocado, paper or plastic bag, bananas or tomatoes.
The ripeness of the avocado is determined by the softness of the fruit. If the fruit, when pressed, slightly pressed, it can be considered Mature. But if it is solid, then you must give him time to Mature. I wonder what avocado does not ripen until the end when it hangs on the tree. The fruit can hang for months and not spoil, but after it picks it ripen for a few days.
Most useful avocado becomes after maturation. The caloric value of Mature avocado – 208 Kcal and protein – 2 g, fat 20 g, carbohydrates 7,4 g. the Pulp of the Mature fruit is similar to cream or butter with a nut-butter flavor. Avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially In vitamins b and E. If you regularly consume avocado, you will find it easier to cope with stressful situations and your skin will become more smooth.
Avocados usually go on sale hard and unripe. Within a few weeks the fruit ripens and becomes soft to the extent that when you press on it with your finger a dent remains. You can speed up the ripening process, put avocados with bananas or tomatoes. The fact that bananas and tomatoes during the ripening produces natural ethylene gas, which contributes to the rapid maturation of all fruits and vegetables.
Take a paper or plastic bag, put a few pieces of bananas or tomatoes and a few pieces of avocado. Tightly tie it up and leave for the day in the room with room temperature. A day press down on the fruit and check its maturity. If it is soft enough, let it lie for another day. After avocado has been lying two days in the package, it needs to ripen fully and acquire all the qualities and benefits of the Mature fruit.
Ripe avocado can be spread on bread, add to soups and salads to make on the basis of his spicy sauces. You can eat it raw, it needs to be cut an avocado lengthways around the circumference and rotate the halves in different directions. Cleaned and sliced avocado oxidizes and changes color, buying unattractive appearance and taste. To avoid this, add pulp of avocado with lemon or lime juice.
Bone and avocado leaves contain a toxic substance that is dangerous and can harm the human body. These substances cause an allergic reaction and problems with the digestive system. If you RUB the pit in the avocado, you get a nice flavor.