You will need
  • - irresistible desire to overcome your fear;
  • - a beloved man.
Before you start the fight with his crachami, you need to understand and to understand where each of them. You need patience to put up with considerable expenditure of time, effort and not rush. It would be nice if you call for help loved a loved one, it better be your husband or a close friend.
Sit back in front of himself, put a close person that you trust, and start telling that person about yourself. Start with your name, age, habits, character traits, tell him where you work and what you are passionate about. When you get used to the role of the narrator to the situation and will no longer be embarrassed listening – start to ask yourself questions yourself to answer them. Imagine sitting in front of you your personal Confessor, who will understand you and not judge who is committed to listen, understand and help.
The previous step will allow you to be honest with myself, will allow to relax and to find the causes of your fears. For example: "I'm afraid of pregnancy. I often ask myself: "why am I afraid of her?". And not find answers. But, the reasons, of course, and I guess what. I grew up in a large family. I know how to care for children, know all about them, but I don't want to be like your mother!". That's such a simple monologue, you tell the other person about your assumptions related to the place of origin of your fear.
If you have trouble with the definition of the name of your fears, before the exercise, review the most likely and most common fears of pregnancy. Fears come from childhood: childhood injuries related to seen impartial process of childbirth or motherhood; setting of the parents: "God forbid, you get pregnant!"; the fear of body injury; read in childhood books or watched videos with plenty of detail and blood. Treated most often on the principle of like cures. If it does not help consult a psychologist.
Looking for the cause of fear comes from selfishness: the fear to be alone with a small child; the fear of lifestyle changes, stupor; the end of the happy life; not the patience of pain and humiliation; love themselves more than their child; lack of finances, energy, time; the desire to walk and no one to take care of. Treated forced to care about beings that require care, affection, time, heat, and money, for example, stray animals, animals from the shelter, the children in the orphanage, the children of your friends need to sit or take to his home for a while.
If the previous reasons do not about you but the thought of pregnancy is causing your Association with the movie "Alien", you should look for the causes of fear of pregnancy in the physical aspects of self-perception. Such reasons include: health problems that did not allow to make pregnancy or birth of the child; the psychological barrier associated with a previously unsuccessful pregnancies; the fear of the pathologies of pregnancy; fear of their own genetics (in the family of alcoholics, drug addicts, it also includes the fear to grow stout); the fear of not getting pregnant. Solved by search of a highly qualified specialist, ready to accompany your pregnancy and to labor, to the search for money to solve health problems, anger management on the subject of faith in yourself.
If you still can't find your case of fear, do not despair. There are still some of the most uncomplicated and lekarstvennyh causes of fears: fear of something new, unknown; the stories of horror stories of friends and acquaintances; a reluctance to give birth specific to men. Dare going on a Hiking camping trip, climbing to the top of the mountain, jump from a parachute, a marriage of love.