Where to start selection of GPS-Navigator?

First we need to decide how you are going to use Navigator.

If you expect this device to carry, then you need to stop for a compact navigation device that can fit in your pocket. When choosing to pay attention not only for its convenience, and also in what conditions you use it. If he is prone to drops, bumps and elevation changes, the contact with water, it is better to buy the device in shock-resistant waterproof housing.

If you need a GPS for the car, this created a fixed navigation. To choose a Navigator will be more difficult because of the abundance range.

There are also professional GPS navigation (Chartplotter). This whole navigation system to equip aircraft, ships. The choice of these navigators is better to trust the professionals.

The most important thing in a GPS Navigator?

The most important thing in any Navigator, of course, software. Choosing a particular program, you automatically choose the Navigator because all programs work with certain brands of GPS navigators.

To explore the expanses of his native country is perfect one of the programs: Navitel, AVTOSPUTNIK, navikom, iGo.

Navitel – the most popular navigation software with good cards. But this program is not suitable for navigation with a weak processor. In addition, some motorists claim that Navitel retarding in Metropolitan areas.

Navikom program installed on the navigation devices Garmin has very detailed maps. But, as practice shows, these maps are inaccurate.

Navigation software iGo is installed on the navigation Pioneer, TiBO, NEC. This program is ideal for cities.

The large number of fans earned the program AVTOSPUTNIK, which was developed by the Russian company. This software is used in Navigator GlobalSat Hyundai and. It has full detailed maps, provides accurate information about traffic jams.

If you plan frequent trips abroad, then you need to buy a Navigator with the international software.

What additional features are important when choosing a GPS?

GPS Navigator should be comfortable for you. Please note that the image on the display was clear and bright. It is advisable to present protection from the sun, which will allow you to see the picture even on a Sunny day.

If you need to save your favourite routes, choose a device with more memory.

For those who are planning to use GPS in field conditions, it is important to choose a device that will be continuous work.

Features such as Hands Free, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is a nice detail that not everyone needs, but their presence suggests a higher cost of the device.

Remember that a bad GPS does not happen. They may not fit your purposes. So before you make a final choice, decide on the software and select a convenient interface.