Why you should give a second chance

Reasons that people missed your first chance, can be set. Someone will disappoint a one-time minor offenses, which have accumulated so much that patience snapped. Someone will come as a shock from the lies of a loved one, from the undeserved insult. In the worst case could happen and betrayal. But if a man asks to give him another chance, and his words are very sincere, then you need to think deeply.

The cause of the disorder can be accumulated misunderstanding, based on a series of accidents and small skirmishes. There was a crisis, but you realize that if you treat each other carefully, this can be avoided. Relationship is work on yourself. If this understanding came to both partners, then this pair definitely deserves a second chance.

Some people can behave selfishly until it happens a shock situation. For example, your partner was distracted, allowed himself to work late without warning you could ignore your request. But when you confronted him with the fact that more similar disdain not going to tolerate, he suddenly realized how he was wrong. Such insights do occur. In this case, the person deserves a second chance.

Why you should not give a second chance

It happens that human misconduct was for you: have you been tired of the relationship and thinking how to break it as gently as possible. Of course, the situation could get not soft, but if you are sure that you do not want to maintain the old relationship, do not agree to give a second chance. The arguments may be very different, starting from the fact that it all happened accidentally to bring the list of what you have in common (a relationship, children, joint business, housing, etc.), but stand your ground. Even if he emphasizes the fact that your overall child needs both parents, that is no reason to maintain the relationship for that reason alone.

It is not necessary to give a second chance to someone who has serious psychological problems and is not going to solve them. For example, if your partner is a chronic alcoholic or drug addict, if he several times lifted on you or child's hand, were constantly trying to humiliate you or him has listed several infidelities, he does not deserve the next chance. The fact that the problem is chronic, says that second chance you gave him, and he lost. The sooner you stop it the better for you and for him.

It happens that the person really made a mistake. You are very hurt by what is happening, but he, too, is not likely better. His tormenting guilt. If you understand that repentance is genuine and the partner is not going to ever prevent anything like that a second chance might be worth it. But focus on your feelings. Think about whether to forgive him. It happens that the feelings remained the same, but the forgiveness is already more difficult. On the one hand, the ability to forgive is a great blessing, but some events really are unforgivable.

What is the result

Perhaps a second chance rather deserved than not, of any person to whom you have genuine feelings. But third anyone rather doesn't deserve, in spite of your feelings.