Before taking the patient "transfer", you need to know in advance about his diagnosis and the name of the section in which it lies. Because if the patient lies with the fracture, a special diet, it is not required, you can eat anything you want. But if a man lies with an ulcer or suffering from other gastrointestinal diseases, the list of approved products could be substantially reduced. However, in whatever Department does not lay the patient, there is a certain set of products prohibited for use in the walls of the medical institution. It can be found right at the entrance to the Department.
What products can be transferred to the hospital? You can't go wrong if you decide to cook your loved one receiving treatment at the hospital, mashed potatoes and burgers for a couple. Chops is preferable to cook meat low-fat varieties, such as beef, rabbit or poultry. Not prohibited to take fish, but better if it is not a river, but a sea with a minimum number of bones. Patients after abdominal operations the first day did not eat, and then recommended to start with chicken broth. Fruits, vegetables and dairy products in this period are also not allowed to eat.
If you go to see the woman, at the entrance to the hospital employee of the medical facility can halved your "transfer" as the latter-day mums not much of what is resolved in the normal patients. It is not necessary to buy pounds of chocolate, biscuits, wafers and other products in colorful packages containing dyes, GMOs, and chemicals. Recently born a woman prescribed a strict diet that allows the consumption of only natural foods: soups and roast without oil, pasta, meat and fish low-fat varieties of dairy products, particularly cheese, and various cereals. Fruits of all shades and varieties you have, most likely, will withdraw at the entrance.
If the patient has not reached the age and 3 years old, he also shows light diet. You can't go wrong if you bring to the hospital special baby food: vegetable, meat, fruit mashed potatoes, juice, yogurt and cottage cheese. If the baby is breastfed, then the problem will disappear by itself, but if artificial, it is possible to bring the mixture which he had been eating.

If your loved one is in the infectious ward, you only have limited meals they cook. Stew or cook the steamed vegetables, cook a piece of chicken with buckwheat or porridge.
In whatever Department does not lay the patient, you will not be able to smuggle him alcohol, pickles, perishable products, mushrooms, spices, sausage, fresh juices, raw eggs and confectionaries. In any Department of the hospital only cook diet food. You can pamper your loved one with such kind of food with the only difference that it will be cooked by loving hands and the way he likes.