You will need
  • credit programs of banks;
  • - proof of income;
  • documents on collateral and guarantees;
  • - the application for refinancing or surety.
If you only plan to take a loan, you can reduce your monthly payments in several ways. The best option is to choose the most loan program with low interest rate. This will reduce the size of the paid percent on the loan, and, respectively, and payments. At a lower rate can expect to borrowers able to document their own
income, and also receiving the loan with involvement of guarantors or collateral. Such loans pose to the Bank with a relatively low risk of non-payment, so he offers borrowers better deals. Providing a full package of documents will allow you to play in their favor a few percent. Note that if your goal is to reduce the payments do not use the programs of Express crediting.
Reduce the overpayment on the loan can be achieved in the design of targeted loans. In this case, the money is not handed to the borrower, immediately go to the account of the supplier of the goods. Interest is always lower than on non-purpose consumer loans.
Another option to reduce mortgage payments is to take credit for a longer period. Due to this reduced monthly payments.
An additional benefit of this option would be that inflation will gradually depreciate the amount paid. But will have to go on increasing amount of overpayment on the loan.
For a lower payments on the loan note banks with annuitants payment plan. In such case, a repayment of a loan in equal installments which would include interest payments and principal debt. Of course, differentiated payments have lower overpayments, but their initial size will be much higher. You should also try to Deposit more than the required monthly payments, when you have the chance. This will reduce further the size of the payments.
For those who have on hand credit and is interested in reducing the payments on it, banks have developed a special product. He was named refinancing. Why do we need banks? They thus improve its credit portfolio and entice the competition for good faith borrowers. A refinance loan allows you to reduce the payments due to the increase in time or reduction in interest rates. It can be issued in any Bank that provides this service.
There is also the option of a temporary reduction of payments, which may be relevant for borrowers who are unsure of their possibilities to continue to make interest payments. In this case, you must contact the private Bank lender with a statement on the restructuring. The majority of banks will meet borrowers with good financial discipline, whose income has declined for good reasons. For example, if they lose their jobs, adding to the family. During restructuring, banks can even provide temporary credit vacation.