Intangible motivation is to spread as part of the management style in the company. Motivation inspires movement. There are two types of motivation for employees: tangible and intangible. Financial motivation is aimed at the interest of the employees through bonuses, premiums and wages. While intangible motivation involves encouraging employees via cash.
To non-financial motivation include: written or verbal gratitude of the leadership, the ability to switch to flexible working hours, extra days holiday, career growth, friendly staff and corporate events. It should be noted the effectiveness of such non-financial incentives, like corporate events and Team-building (from eng. translated as "team building"). Such joint visits, festivals, competitions and participation in joint activities create a healthy atmosphere in the team, which positively affects the efficiency of the staff.
Intangible motivation aimed at reducing turnover in the company and strengthen the corporate spirit. Often the prospect of promotion or a friendly atmosphere in the team can compensate for low wages. But even if in a large company there are no problems with material incentives of employees with various rewards and bonuses, it is possible that the employee will leave from paid work due to loss of interest in work or lack of career prospects.
This kind of non-material motivation as praise leader, may be more strong and positive incentive for the employee. Employees usually appreciate the praise of their leader. And if it is issued on a special form as diploma, printed and framed, so they can be proud to hang on the wall, such intangible motivation can be better than the material.
Intangible motivation is more strategic in nature than material. If monetary compensation can motivate the employee on a short-term, non-material incentives over the long term.
Motivated employee is much more effective and useful for the company, and the question of motivation is fundamental to leadership. The choice in the means of motivation is great, and what type of rewards you choose depends on the leaders and Finance of the company.