Side effects of tetanus injection

In most countries, including in Russia, performs routine vaccination against tetanus. As a rule, vaccination against this disease is with an injection against diphtheria. In addition, in emergency situations, applying single or. Experts say that absolute protection from tetanus does not provide neither of these vaccines. It is important to know about possible side effects of tetanus injection. Most often it appears after a slight fever. Sometimes there is lethargy, fatigue, malaise. At the site of injection with a characteristic seal. All these negative manifestations are rapidly.

In some cases, a tetanus shot may lead to side effects such as rhinitis. A person may experience other symptoms characteristic of colds. It was noted the occurrence of severe coughing paroxysmal character. May develop serum sickness - an allergic disease that causes fever, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes. Observed hemorrhage, thrombosis, edema, itchy skin, sweating, headache, chills, nausea, vomiting. The disease lasts from several days to 2-3 weeks.

The most serious complications of vaccination against tetanus

The most serious side effect is considered a neurological reaction (convulsions). They are very rare, but the physician should warn the patient before vaccination. Also in rare cases were observed anaphylactic shock - severe, life-threatening pathological condition which refers to allergic reactions of immediate type. When this condition occurs a spasm of the muscles of the internal organs, low blood pressure, a person loses consciousness. Given the possibility of these side effects with the introduction of tetanus toxoid vaccine, the physician should provide medical monitoring of the patient within one hour after the injection.

Severe complications from a tetanus shot are usually observed failure to comply with the schedule of routine vaccination, and also when using the vaccine of poor quality, in violation of its storage. The vaccine against tetanus are doing under the shoulder blade, usually at this point there is noticeable swelling. To her it is advisable to apply a sterile bandage with ointment "Levomekol". You can seal this place bactericidal adhesive plaster. Also, when possible unpleasant sensations after vaccination can prescribe anti-Allergy drugs, such as "Suprastin". An injection against tetanus is contraindicated in pregnancy, it can be done only for the purpose of emergency preventive measures. Instead of the vaccine, in this case, the woman can enter the immunoglobulin.