Typically, during the manufacture of the puncture masters of piercing do not use anesthesia. If the client much afraid of pain or the sight of blood, then he was given an injection of lidocaine or any other means (often dental) anesthetics. Also, in some cases, uses special anesthetic sprays. But sometimes making anesthesia impossible or simply meaningless, for example, at a puncture of a nose.

How to make a nose piercing without the pain

If you have decided on a nose piercing, from short-term pain, you can distract yourself. For example, you can hold your breath or take a deep breath during the insertion of the needle into the wing of the nose. Ways many. It is worth noting that no self-respecting piercer, piercing your nose will not make an injection of anesthetic or wet skin spray no analgesic effect will not appear. That's why you have a little patience, as the sharp, but short pain will appear only when the needle will pass through the nasal mucosa. When you insert the jewelry in the future the pain will not bother. The exceptions are the cases of infection in your piercing or inserting incorrectly sized jewelry.

Care for nose piercing

Once you have done nose piercing, begins the most difficult and responsible period of healing of the puncture. At this stage you should pay maximum attention to puncture. You will have to handle it several times a day with a solution or chlorhexidine miramistina. In any case can not be used for treatment of puncture alcohol, gin, vodka and other means, which in everyday life is often "disinfect the wounds, cuts or abrasions. They will only irritate the skin and will not let the puncture heal quickly and correctly.

If you find that the puncture of the nose for a long time does not heal and starts to stand out translucent sticky liquid, it is time to begin to sound the alarm, as it is likely he began to fester. In this case you have to handle puncture ointment "Levomekol", but do not remove the earring. In a few days if you don't notice improvements, you should refer to the master who made you nose piercing.

The right choice of jewelry for nose piercing

If you do nose piercing for the first time, you need to choose not only a good salon and master, but also a decoration. It is best to buy a simple earring for the nose in the form of a small rod with a ball without stones on one side and a slight thickening on the other. In any case should not wear jewelry in the form of "snail" - a puncture will constantly be injured when scrolling such a piercing. You also cannot use the so-called earrings for a gun, as the decoration will scratch the mucous clasp.