Advice 1: How to change destiny for the better

Many people dream to live differently, want to change the circumstances that happen with them. But not all are really starting to do something. After all, you need to start with self-transformation, and it will have to make efforts.
How to change destiny for the better
Psychologists and esoteric claim that the power of thought and words is huge. That everything that happens in life is the consequences of what people did, said and thought. To change the fate, to decorate all around, you need to start with what is inside the man. Then change it, and after some time, destiny will improve, the external circumstances will be different.
The foundations of the philosophy of life is laid in childhood. Mom and dad, close relatives, friends form the world. And all that then signed up, works steadily in the world of man in the course of a lifetime. For example, mother always thought that it is impossible to become rich, no amount of effort will help to reach the top. And if she believed it, and sometimes spoke at the child, he absorbed it usually. And now any attempts to earn good money are not carried out. Such plants can be a lot each they own. But we need to see them.
To find out which principles apply in life, will share your fortunes for the sector: personal life, work, fulfillment, relationships with parents, Hobbies, recreation, etc., Points can be many. And for each write all the thoughts that are in my head. Do not judge them, do not divide into good or bad, just write out in a column. You will find that some of the principles you took from my mom, some friends, something came from my own experience. This list is a set of rules that are implemented in your life.
Select those that limit you. And change to the opposite. For example, instead of "becoming rich is impossible," write "become rich easily". And new installation, repeat constantly. This exercise is called "creating affirmations". If a new phrase to say to yourself regularly, to repeat in any convenient place, to believe in them, they will replace old program and change fate.
To fix the future by making some bold steps in life, for example, the move will be such a solution. Just select another city on the map and go there to live. You can not act so dramatically, and change jobs. Do not go to another similar place, namely to change the profession. You will have to master many skills, learn interesting things and to settle in a new area.
To change destiny expanded my worldview. Today a lot of books that talk about religions, philosophical teachings, this is an opportunity to see the world from a different angle, to know him from a different angle. Such works provide an opportunity to develop spiritually, and this certainly changes lives. One only has to begin to expand your horizons, as there are unexpected opportunities that can make life better.

Advice 2 : As a divination can change the fate

Divination can soothe and give confidence to the person. If the fortuneteller says that all the problems will soon be resolved, and the soul becomes easier. Among people who are professionally engaged in fortune-telling, there is an unwritten law: tell the man what he wants to hear and never warn about possible death of the subject of divination.
As a divination can change the fate

Else has long been believed that fortune-tellers and sorcerers are able to draw energy from ordinary people. Entrusting their future to some hereditary witch, a person may be deprived of protection. It should be remembered that all predictors are ordinary people, with all human passions and problems. There is no guarantee that you are coming for a session of divination, don't call in the magician's antipathy. He may simply agadati you a lot of problems and adjust your future not for the better.

On the one hand, the divination sessions charge of human optimism, but on the other – can cause strong dependence and change essence.

Wondering if the man refuses responsibility for their own future, relying on the results of the predictions.

People who are accustomed to the answers through fortune tellers, and no longer able to make any decisions.

Fortune tellers are interfering in the plans of the Creator, but you deliberately encourage it by attending their sessions.

The energy level of divination – that desire to attract someone else's good fortune and positive energy. In the process of divination, you involuntarily become the cause of someone's troubles and problems.

In fact, modern science is unable to answer, where some people come from psychic abilities and they can clearly see past and future, therefore, to resort to divination is better only in the most extreme cases, and it is better not to do it.

Each person is able to change his destiny, because the future develops from the present, from the daily thoughts and actions.

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