Nutrition for hair

It is no secret that after a course of antibiotics the first thing to suffer digestive tract – piercing medications along with pathogenic bacteria kill beneficial microflora that disrupts the intestine and adversely affects the condition of the hair. Beginning restorative treatment of the digestive system, do not forget about products such as jelly, hash, jellies and jellies – they contain silicon and gelatin, is needed to restore the structure of hair. Also useful for products containing b vitamins (cereals, wholegrain bread and bran).

But if brittle, dull color, hair loss and split ends you have been added and dandruff, the body needs zinc. Add in the diet of goose or duck meat, peas, beans, corn, soy and unsteamed rice. In General, any vitamin-mineral complex in the treatment and recovery of antibiotics would not be amiss, but refer to it should be as soon as start working with the digestive tract.

Get your hair cut

Relaxed hair requires special care. If the antibiotics have brought your hair to the plight of one of the most acceptable options will be cut. The fact that the weak roots sometimes you just cannot withstand the load of the length of the hair and break under its own weight. To alleviate the roots of burden, give up long hair, making hairstyle medium, or short. One shot will kill several birds with one stone: helps the roots to breathe freely, change the image and get rid of damaged and brittle ends.

Even if the hair and break under their own weight, to trim the split ends, you need. Do it best hot scissors – they securely seal the end of the hair, not letting him continue to delaminate and keeping the inside all the necessary nutrients. In addition, after taking antibiotics, if it was long-term, residual amounts of drug may be deposited in the hair. Therefore, the haircut also help you to clear away unnecessary ballast.

Take care of the hair

Even if you don't paint, no frizz and not expose your hair to any aggressive manipulation, exposure to antibiotics can lead to the fact that they will automatically become corrupted. And this hair needs special approach: buy the special shampoo and conditioner, use only a wooden comb and be sure to do a mask for growth and repair.