How to use banana peel?


Banana peel can be used instead of brushes for shoes. Leather shoes will Shine no worse than after treatment with a special cream. In the banana peel contains wax and natural oils that give leather shoes a Shine and will protect it from moisture. RUB the shoes with a soft side of a banana skin, then Polish it with a paper towel or soft cloth.

Cleaning silver

Banana peel is not only an excellent means to care for shoes, but for the silver. Silver jewelry tend over time to darken, especially if you wear them daily. To the product of silver again gleamed and looked like new, can be prepared from banana peel special tool. For this a banana skin you need to blend it using a blender and add a little water to the mixture is not too liquid. A small amount of the resulting "selfish" mixture to put on soft cloth and wipe the silver. After cleaning the device should be rinsed under water and wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

Plant care

Using a banana skin to give a healthy Shine to the leaves of ornamental plants. However, this method is relevant only for large indoor plants, because to handle all the small leaves may take too much time and patience.

If the banana peel cut into small pieces, let them dry and bury it in the ground next to the plant, it will deter aphids from him. Also, banana peel is an excellent fertilizer due to contained useful trace elements. This special fertilizer like peppers, tomatoes and roses.

A remedy for wrinkles

Banana skin perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, helps to get rid of acne and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. If pulp from a banana skin to wipe the face, the skin partake moisture and becomes smooth, soft and velvety. After some time after a banana on face you can apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Teeth whitening

Skin care face is not the only way to use banana peels for cosmetic purposes. Due to the contained phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, a banana peel can be used as a bleaching agent for teeth. To achieve a visible effect need in a few months twice a day to wipe the pre-brushed teeth soft side of a banana peel. After wiping the skin of the teeth, they should brush with toothpaste.

The remedy for scratches, splinters and warts

Miraculous banana peel even able to pull a splinter out of the skin. For this pulp the peel should be applied to problem place, secure it with a bandage or plaster, and then leave for a day. After the specified time, the pain will be in the field of view and it will be easy to remove.

This method will help to get rid of warts, only the pulp of the rind attached to the problem location, you need to leave for the night. To remove small warts will take about weeks large months.

If you scratched, cut, burned by the sun or be bitten by insects, the banana peel will be an excellent remedy for the aching pain. For this you need to RUB a sore spot with banana peel as long as it does not heal.