1. Polishing shoes. The use of banana peel as Shoe Polish is possible due to the high content of its natural oils and wax. Just RUB leather shoes with the inner side of banana peel and wipe with a dry cloth.
  2. Polishing silver jewelry. Grind banana peels in a blender and add water until thick toothpaste. Polish silver with this mixture with a soft cloth. Black plaque will disappear. Rinse and Polish with a soft cloth to Shine.
  3. Recovery CD or DVD drive. Grate the banana shiny side of the disc. After 2 minutes - peel a banana. Soak the cloth in a liquid for cleaning glasses and wipe the remains of the banana.
  4. Teeth whitening. Brushing your teeth with the inner part of banana peel for 2 minutes. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Again brush your teeth. The procedure is repeated every day for at least 10 days.
  5. The healing of burns and scratches. Enzymes oils of a banana peel relieves pain caused by sunburn, scratches and abrasions. And accelerate their healing. Also banana peel can be used for insect bites.
  6. Removing splinters. A piece of banana peel and attach the white inner side on the place where you can't take the pain and stick a band-aid. 24 hours natural enzymes pulled the splinter to the surface and heal the wound.
  7. Food for the skin. A variety of nutrients, natural oils and enzymes will help your skin to retain a youthful appearance if once a day you will wipe the inner side of banana peel on the face, neck and hands. Especially recommend doing this in the winter time.
  8. Removal of warts. At night apply banana peel to the wart and attach a band-aid. Removal of warts require different from a week to a month.
  9. Fertilizer. To use banana peels as fertilizer is very effective. A huge number of nutrients and trace elements will help the soil is saturated, easy rooting and rapid plant growth. Slice the banana peel into pieces, spread around the plant (e.g., rose Bush) and a little sprinkle the ground. Gradually decaying, the skin will give nutrients to the earth.
  10. A wonderful remedy for aphids. Chop the peel into small pieces and sprinkle the earth a short distance from the plant. It will scare away aphids.