Calculations in the notebook

This is the best option for those on "you" with the computer or just do not. Take ordinary notebook in a cage and raschertite each sheet into two columns. In one you will record income and the other expenses. And so every day, by putting on the record date.

Once a week we need to take stock. Take a calculator and count how many have earned and how much spent and assess which expenditures can be cut.

Advantages: simplicity, low cost, the ability to narrow or expand the graphs in notebooks based on the nature of your expenses and income.

Cons: to sum up the week you have to spend 20-40 minutes. And the analysis of some data, for example, how much you spent money for the payment of interest on loans, need more time. In addition, it is inconvenient to plan for future expenses.

Count on smartphone and tablet

Now many people have either a smartphone or a tablet, and sometimes both. These devices are very convenient to the family budget. You only need to install specially designed for this program.


Most smartphones operate on the android operating system. If you have a smartphone, you need to get online, go to the website to download applications and install on smartphone app maintenance budget. If you have a smartphone with operating system ios, visit the App Store and download the app for management of budgets.


As for tablets, they keep a record of the family budget is easier than on a smartphone due to the large size of the screen. The choice of programs on your phone depend on the installed operating system. And download the programs you need on the same sites.

Pros: fast estimates — any of the installed programs by itself makes the necessary calculations and is never wrong. It is convenient to plan for future expenses.

Cons: every program costs money, but the free version always cut.

Counting on the computer

There are several options of programs for the management of the family budget on a home computer or laptop.

Option one: this is a normal excel spreadsheet, which is on every computer.

Pros: wrap-up takes just one minute, you can calculate the results of costs and revenues for any budget and for any length of time. In the Internet there are many free ready templates for conducting these programmes the household.

Cons: for a person not familiar close with the computer, it will be difficult to adjust the table for themselves. In addition, such a program is quite boring and looks like a Manager in a normal notebook.

Option two: wider options have special programs for management of family budget. You can download and install on your home computer. The most popular include of the program "home bookkeeping" and "home finances"

Pros: much more functionality than the table. You can analyze the costs for past periods and plan expenses. All programs are provided with technical support. This means that if you don't know how to do something, you can call tech support and explain everything to you.

Cons: the majority of such programs pay.

Option three: if you have Internet access, you can use the online services. Choose a service, register it and start your table of calculations. There are free and paid services. Free usually have a limited number of functions, but for many they will be enough.

Pros: does not require installation of special software.

Cons: if you disconnect the Internet, access the calculations you will have.