The wok is the traditional pan used in Asian countries for frying and extinguishing products. There are several nuances of how to cook vegetables in the wok.

How to fry vegetables in wok

First of all, you need to buy a wok made of stainless steel or of cast iron. Frying pan wok must be heated very quickly and to maintain a high temperature. The European version of the pan – flat bottom. However, it is an ideal spherical pan wok. To use the classic spherical option, you need to purchase a special frame for the plate.

Roasting vegetables in the wok is very fast. Usually only takes 5-10 minutes to roast the components with constant stirring. Vegetables pre-cut into small equal pieces. Oil poured into the already heated pan. The oil itself must be heated to release smoke.

How to roast vegetables in the wok, so they are not burnt? You must constantly quick movements stirred the vegetables in the direction of the middle of the pan to the edges. In this case, the ingredients will periodically get on a red-hot bottom of the pan and its warm walls. This allows you to cook products quickly, exposing them to the uniform roasting. By the way, to full cooking vegetables don't add to the wok soya sauce, as it will just burn up.

How to cook vegetables in the wok

Usually in a wok extinguish only very hard vegetables that are not amenable to quick roasting. These include carrots, potatoes, celery. All the ingredients are cut into small pieces and subjected to preliminary roasting. After that, the vegetables and leave to stew for 0.5-3 minutes under a tightly closed lid on small fire.

Periodically, the vegetables should be mixed, as otherwise they will stick to the edges of the pan. Seasonings and sauce add to the dish before the end of cooking. If you cook vegetables in an open pan, wok, sauce is more intense.

How to cook in the wok for a couple.

Very often complete with a wok is a bamboo basket specially designed for cooking for a couple. The pan filled with water placed on the stove and close the lid. As soon as the water boils, prepared vegetables put in a basket and put it in the wok.

Cover tightly and leave the vegetables prepared on pair. As needed to the pan add water. Usually, for cooking vegetables requires only a few minutes. However, they remain crunchy and retain most of the useful qualities.