About the benefits of comb honey

Comb honey comes to your table exactly the way they should be: completely natural, aromatic, delicious and 100% sterile. This honey, if stored correctly, can remain liquid for a year or more – is one more proof of the integrity and reliability of the bee package. If you bought it, you know – you're in luck. For the health it is much better than usual, artificially bulging from the comb and collected in cans or barrels.

But forget for a moment about honey and return to the actual wax honeycomb. Are they useful and do at least some load in addition to the packaging? Of course, Yes! Comb honey is much tastier and more aromatic than usual, not only because airtight storage containers in bee, part of the invaluable medicinal properties attached to it and the wax. The fact that the wax has a very complex biochemical composition, vitamins, minerals, esters, hydrocarbons and fatty acids. Thanks to such a rich composition, the wax is often used in cosmetics and medical preparations.

Natural gum

So, to deny yourself such a useful natural product, of course, not worth it. But how to use the wax from honeycombs right? Very simple. If you want to eat a serving of honey, simply cut or break off a piece of the comb and chew in the mouth for as long as their content does not fall into the stomach. After that, the language will remain crumpled ball of wax. Spit out it in any case it is not necessary, because in many nutrients!

Wax for a long time to chew in your mouth like gum. From human body temperature it softens and becomes very plastic. Such a procedure would allow to get rid of bacteria and pathogens in the oral cavity, to cure diseases of the throat and the upper respiratory tract and freshens breath. With regular chewing honeycomb wax you can get rid of inflammation of the gums, stomatitis and chronic sore throat.

Excellent adsorbent

Swallow the wax is also possible, moreover it would be very useful. The fact that in the intestine it acts as a natural desiccant and absorbs a lot of toxic and harmful substances, bringing them outside. And since the wax is completely natural and is not absorbed by the intestines, about any harm to health to not worry. Of course, to use cell wax should be within reasonable limits. The portions that you eat along with the maximum acceptable amount of honey, enough.