Psychologists long ago came to the conclusion that properly formulated desire sooner or later it will come true. Followers of the theory of materialization of thoughts give birth to a special notebook and draw maps of desires. It is believed that making a wish, the person sends his request into space. And the universe will do everything to carry it out.
For starters, be clear about what you want. The desire has to come from the heart. It is wrong to wish for a wedding if your relatives and you are satisfied with everything. It is also wrong to make generalized things, like a car. Discard all tips and the stereotypes, take a piece of paper, write a big "I want" and dream about it.
Formulate your wishes as clearly as possible. Instead of "car-car" write the specific model, color and year. Instead of "find good work", specify desired salary and occupation. Keep in mind that it is impossible to make wishes with the particle "not" as in "not sick." Your thoughts focus on the negative emotions of fear, and in this situation you run the risk of Contracting something serious.
To determine the true wishes, buy yourself a beautiful notebook and carefully record them. Make sentences using the present and describing his emotions and feelings. For example, "I'm glad I got the black Mercedes 2000, the year of issue" or "I am happy that by 2020, paid off the mortgage for the apartment." Well, if you try to experience these feelings and believe in the dream. Wishes for the New year or birthday should be formulated in the same way.
Make a map of desires. Take a large sheet of drawing paper, a stack of magazines and cut out pictures of what you want: beautiful country house, a new model of phone, etc. Glue pictures to paper to write the desires with words. In the center of the map, place own photo. Then allocate a few minutes a day to close your eyes and imagine that the desire has already come true. Try to feel like you're sitting in the cabin of a new car or apartment. Good to do this before going to sleep.
Do not worry if the dream did not come true on schedule. It is possible that its implementation required more time. Do not be discouraged and continue to believe in it. And in the case of desire mentally thank the Universe and make a new one.