Habitat oranges

The orange region of the world is the Mediterranean. In Turkey and Egypt, a huge orange forests grow everywhere, and at every step you can see orange juice or trade oranges.

In the wild oranges grow almost can't. If grow, the fruit smaller, are not as sweet and juicy. The orange is a hybrid plant varieties in abundance. Well known to the world sweet orange is the one that brought in the middle lane all winter, has the good performance of sweetness and nutritional value, so it is cultivated the climate around the world.

Large areas are oranges grow in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, China, Abkhazia, Pakistan and India. Successfully grow oranges in the winter gardens of Russia and England, this exotic caught on with plant lovers. Although fruits such oranges can not be compared with those grown in plantations, it looks very beautiful and unusual.

What conditions are needed to orange for life

Homeland orange is South - East Asia. From there, travelers took him and began to cultivate back in the 15th century. An orange tree usually grows from 4 to 12 meters depending on the variety. Itself orange tree is a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo, which became widespread in China.

For transporting oranges in Argentina have developed a special plane, his name is translated as "orange" or "the merchant of oranges. In most countries, the cultivation of oranges is an important part of the economy.

When transporting the fruit is easily perishable, which is why rip them to transport unripe, packaging each in paper.

In addition to humidity and temperature citrus fruits are important part of the soil. Therefore, to grow in the middle lane. this is not because he needs the earth much more light and nutritious than the soil in our latitudes.

The beneficial properties of oranges

Fruit juice and orange contain a lot of vitamins and effective as an antiscorbutic. Recommend oranges in hypovitaminosis, liver, blood vessels and heart. In all a lot of citrus pectin, which improves digestion.

As this fruit is able to enrich the body with all the minerals possible, its regular consumption can prevent viral diseases in the autumn-winter period.

But it is not recommended this fruit in disease of the stomach or intestines, as its juice has a very irritating effect. In connection with high sugar content it should be consumed with caution.